Friday, January 24, 2014

This Is What Happens When You Have Kids

If you see my facebook page follower, or even my blog reader, you probably would have thought I make parenting looks so easy and fun.

Gah, this means you are absolutely wrong. That is just one teeny part of our role as parents. 
There is another 3/4 part of it.

The part about the truth on what happens behind the scene:

  • I try to wear diapers / pants for a toddler who keeps running away.
  • I repeat the same thing again and again, ranging from 'time to take a bath' and 'pls open your mouth' and 'pls come here'
  • I am like a clown every time I wipe poo off my toddler's buttocks, so that he could concentrate on my funny faces and won't wriggle away.
  • I make funny faces behind the camera to make my kids smile.
  • I threaten my kids all the time like 'I'm going to count to three. 1, 2....' and he usually comes before then or whack...
  • I'm just going for a pee....pls don't cry like I'm leaving home.
  • Pack my toddler into the toilet with some toys while I shit. Yes, doesn't matter he smells the shit and the air's probably germy. As long as he doesn't scream the house down which my shit will automatically disappear.
  • I even have to entertain and make funny faces to my kid while I shower. (our shower door's transparent!)
  • I breastfeed my toddler while I type with my left hands sometimes, and he sometimes kick on my laptop too. 

Ok, these are some of the things we do/get behind the scenes of a family of 4.
I wonder how crazy it will get when we grow to a family of 5. lol.

Have a great day!  


York Tee said...

Yes, Yes.... that's exactly what happen behind the scene ... you make me laugh while reading but that's what actually happen to me too!

tanshuyin said...

York Tee,

Lol. So true right?

Serenely said...

Hahaha... definitely can relate. It takes me tremendous patient to repeat the same thing so many many times throughout the day... in the end have to start counting to three to get things moving... sigh!

Unknown said...

This is just part of a chapter in life. It will soon go away as i keep reminding myself each day. Haha

tanshuyin said...

Yes, I sound like a broken record whole day wrong. lol.

hahha, the joy of parenthood!