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Review: Snoozaboo Sleeping Bag

I'm a believer of Baby Sleep Bags. I got one for Shern when when he was small too. So I was happy when given an opportunity to review Snoozaboo.


Snoozaboo was started in 2011 by two first-time parents of a little girl, who had problem sleeping. 
They tried many different sleep-related solutions, and one product — a baby sleep bag they bought from overseas soon became our most-used item. And that was when and how they started looking around for baby sleep bags which were more suitable for tropical climates, but didn't have much luck. And that's how the idea for Snoozaboo came about.
Snoozaboo makes baby sleep bags which are specially adapted for use in tropical climates.
Only high-quality materials and components are used to make them, as they hope that both parents and the baby will enjoy the comfort and the peace of mind that comes with a Snoozaboo baby sleep bag. 


It came packaged in some brown paper. Once I tore open the brown paper, I saw the original box, and slight squashed, which is why you see some wrinkles in the photo below.
But all is good, because this item is not a fragile item.

This is the front of the packaging, and the next photo is the back of the packaging.
I could see that this box is full of information and details regarding the sleeping bag.

At the front, I could catch a glimpse of the colour, pattern and design of my Snoozaboo Sleeping Bag through the transparent part of the packaging.

And behind, with all the information aside, I saw sticker on the left bottom corner of it with the design name, size and tog size of my sleeping bag - Mr. Robbie - 18-36 months - 0.5 tog

What makes Snoozaboo different from other sleep bags?
List of Snoozaboo features

Always remember these when using a Snoozaboo Sleep Bag.
Information on how to use a Snoozaboo baby sleep bag

And also to pick the right warmth (tog) rating.
Snoozaboo sleeping bags come in two warmth rating. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the sleeping bag. So you need to choose the right tog rating for the temperature in your baby's room.

Tog rating and Room temperature table
* Tog ratings have been independently tested by a third-party laboratory in the UK according to the British Standard BS8510:2009.

There is also a rough guide on what your baby should wear based on the temperature of the baby's room, and the tog rating of your Snoozaboo baby sleep bag.

What to wear with your Snoozaboo sleep bag

Remember this is only a rough guide, as each child's tolerance of heat/cold is different. 

Ok, now let's see the Snoozaboo Sleep Bag I received.
I took out the sleeping bag and placed it on the floor. It revealed a long, blue sleeping bag.
I was given the Side-Zipped Style.

Snoozaboo bag design (side-zip) and notable features

There are 2 double durable YKK snaps securing the shoulders.


There is a zip snap cover at the side to protect baby from rubbing against the zip.

The zip tape is also hidden when you unzip it. 

The workmanship of Mr Robbie with the words '' embroidered on it was excellent.


And then I decided to try it on Shern for as well for fun since it is quite long, and Shern is also a small sized 4 yr old. And Shern's height was somewhere about the maximum height of this baby sleep bag size.

It was easy to get Shern into the sleeping bag. Even when he stood up, there were still space below, so he still could walk about, albeit slowly and carefully.


While lying down, Shern was comfortable and could move his arms about.

Shern went tumbling about and could wriggle himself alright without any problem.

Shern kneeling and standing up on bed happily.

Shern enjoying a bedtime story by Daddy.

And then 15 minutes later, Shern fell asleep in it.


And then I had it tested on Khye.

I waited awhile before tested it out on Khye because he was not yet 18 mths old. But Khye is rather big sized and quite long so when Khye was about 15 months old, I tested it on Khye.

We went for our KL trip then and I brought it along as I knew we would be sleeping in an air-conditioned hotel.

Putting Khye in it was easy. I laid down the sleep bag flat on the bed, open and unzipped. Put Khye on top of it and then I snapped down the shoulder snaps and then zipped him up. I gave him something (a toy or a comb or something) to distract him while I snapped and zipped him up.

As you can see, there were plenty of leg room for Khye, as it is very long. I like it as this means there are still a lot more room for Khye to grow in it. 
Once put on, Khye was a bit shocked as he couldn't find his legs. Haha.

But then he still manage to sit up straight in it without any problems. 

In fact, he could move about with ease in it.
Look at Khye crawling with his long train behind him. :)

Khye can practically crawl everywhere and the long train didn't seem to hinder him in any way. 


He could even stand up and cruise around the whole place in it. Just look at him.


I did not take a photo of Khye when he was fast asleep in it, because by then the lights were off, and he was also stuck to my boobs. haha, so no photos of him.

I sleep better knowing that he cannot kick the sleeping bag off him, as he often would do with his blanket.

As for handling it in the middle of the night, I haven't tried that out because Khye no longer poos in the middle of the night and thus no more diaper changing in the middle of the night. His cloth / disposable diaper lasts him throughout the night until the next morning when he awakes.

I pre-washed it once and also washed it several times after, and there was no colour run. The material  did not fray although I just dumped it into machine with a laundry net. But I did made sure I zipped it up and reverse it before it went into the laundry net.
All was well, and no fraying of materials after several washes.

However, it took awhile for it to dry completely. I usually hang it outside for about 2 days.

Overall, I really like this Snoozaboo Baby Sleep Bag.
It's 100% quality combed cotton material makes the sleeping bag feels luxurious.

The components used are attached securely. Zips and snaps and such are vigorously tested and passed the tests to ensure that they are strong and durable. With this wonderful workmanship, I feel good that it won't cause a choking hazard to my kids.

Furthermore, all fabrics and components used are free from formaldehyde and toxic metals such as lead and mercury, which brings peace of mind to me as a parent.

It conforms to the highest applicable standard for baby sleep bags – the British Standard BS 8510:2009.
And with such high quality and safety standard, it is reasonably priced, compared to the imported ones. It retails at RM119.00.

And most importantly, my kids were comfortable and safe in it and they love it, and so do I.


For peace of mind, you can purchase these comfortable Snoozaboo sleeping bags for your babies and toddlers at


Thanks to the kind folks from Snoozaboo, there is a discount code for my readers. The discount code is SHUY15 for 15% discount at their online store, valid until 9 February 2014.

For more info, please visit Snoozaboo Website or their Facebook page

* Disclosure: I received a  Snoozaboo Sleeping Bag
 for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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