Monday, January 13, 2014

Drawing Animals by a 4 1/2 yo

Shern is not really into drawing. If he draws, 90% will be on trains. He can draw bullet trains, steam engines, etc, complete with railways and smoke emitting from the funnels.
Other than that, he seldom draws anything else.

So I was pretty much amazed when he drew for me different types of animals one night.

But I'm not too sure if you can recognize those animals he drew.
I see resemblance, and I think they are great drawing, especially when it is coming from a 4 year old. But I know I'm biased. Haha.

Ok, let's see. Can you guess what animal is this?
Shern said it is a TIGER.
It's not bad as tigers have striped skin, right?
5 December 2013

Next, this one is a bit tough. But once you know what animal this is, you would say 'ohh, yeah!'
You guessed it?
Yes, it is a GIRAFFE. 
With a long neck, that is. And I don't know why the head turns out to be a black blob of thng.

This one's easy. It looks exactly like a MOUSE.
And he drew it small too, as proportioned by the other animals he drew.

And I'm very proud of this ELEPHANT he drew.
Loved the ear, and the trunk.

And this is a BUTTERFLY, with flower patterns on its wings! ;)
Very pretty, isn't it?

OK, now I think Shern's quite an artist. Definitely better than his dad!

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Serenely said...

Pretty good drawings I'd say! I especially like his elephant and butterfly... great detail added there!