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Singapore: Day 2 (Port Of Lost World)

So after the 2 mishaps on our 1st day in Singapore, we got on to a really happy Saturday morning in Singapore because we were meeting up with SIL and Shern was excited to play with her cousins in Port of Lost World.

I decided to bring the kids to Port of Lost World (POWL) in Sentosa because of a few reasons:
a) Firstly, I think water play is very suitable for hot and humid Singapore.
b) Secondly, it is like a kid's club by the beach. The place is not too big, so easier for us adults to supervise the kids.
c) There are places nearby for the adults to chill and relax. We can even bring our own food and have some sort of a picnic there!

Woke Shern up and we got ready to leave our hotel at 9.15am, all dressed in comfy clothes and slippers. Took the MRT to Harbourfront Station to take the Sentosa Express into Sentosa Island.

Shern was happy taking the MRT again. Shern's in the stroller while Khye's strapped onto me. ;)

Shern was very excited and wants to know which station we were going to get out, and kept asking me what is the next station.
He is really into trains. Everything about trains fascinate him this boy.

It was such a long queue for the Sentosa Express as it was the long weekend for Singapore, and thus everyone wants to get into Sentosa, and I presume the Universal Studio.
There were like almost a thousand people queuing for the Sentosa Express. But thankfully, there was an Express Lane for people with strollers / wheelchairs, so we got to the queue right away.
Thank goodness we brought the stroller with us!

Upon arriving at the Beach Station in Sentosa, we walked towards the Palawan Beach and it took us about 10 minutes walk under the hot sun before we got to the entrance of the POLW.

Good thing about POLW is that accompanying adults go in free. And Khye's so small he got in free too. So we only paid for Shern. SGD15/kid for weekend and got 100 Curio coins. 

A Port Pass and Curio coins are presented upon admission.You play and collect stamps to redeem prizes with your Port Pass.
And with Curio coins, you pay for an activity or a surprise snack in there when you hear the bell!
This is Shern holding his Port Pass and Curio Coins inside the pouch!

The Port Passes and the Curio coins Pouches.

The place is really small. This is the map of POLW.
Resting at the nearby Decks and benches, you basically can see the whole POLW.

This is the main attraction of the place - the Pirate Ship.
Ahoy! This is the captain gathering all onboard! Stand by at the water guns or take the slide down to your position. It's going to be a wet and wild adventure.
And this is the place where Shern and his cousins played for the next 5 hours!

This is Cousins Reunited!!!
Shern was ecstatic to see his cousins Jamie & Dylan again!

The 3 of them had so much fun.

Surprisingly, Shern was afraid to go down those slides. It was weird because we bring him for water slides weekly at Quay Side back home and he was ok with that. He refused to go down even the baby slides. Hmmm...
So he was contented to just run up and down those stairs and to play with the water and watergun etc. Well, as long as he is happy!

They paid with their Curio coins to attend the Bubble Party and had super fun there.
Actually it was just a big pool filled with bubble water. It was nothing much but when kids + bubbles, they just automatically had so much fun!
You can see happiness on their faces!

I slabbed lots of sunscreen on him. Got him to wear his sunnies and the hat too as he was under the sun the whole time.
Janette Kor-kor bought him this hat which is really good. It is made of swimsuit material and is very thin so it gets dry easily. The design not only protect the top of his head, but his shoulders and back of his neck as well. I love it.

So while Shern was having fun, what did Khye do?
Shern sat chilling nearby and had company of his kor-tneow and cousins.

He was having his own fun too, playing with the fan, waving it about happily.

Tried getting him to to wear his hat too, but he pulled it off repeatedly.
But he was alright with his sunnies. I think he looked pretty cool in that.

Look at Khye's making a cheeky pig face. Lol.

Khye 'playing' with his cousin Jalyn who was just a few months younger.

And when Khye was hungry, I just sat there and nursed him under the nursing cover.
Can you spot Khye?

This is the place. We occupied 2 tables between us.
6 adults + 3 kids + 2 babies = 11 of us!!!
SIL cooked up a storm and there were egg sandwiches, pasta, fried mee, fruits and iced Milo. We were having a super picnic there. She cooked enough for an army, but between 10 of us (Khye zipped his mouth shut!), we managed to finish up everything!

This is The Deck, where they provide cushion area for people to lie down and have fun. We didn't manage to grab a spot there. It would be lovely there.

And this is the sand area, where the kids can build sandcastles.
I brought Khye there but as you know, he hates the sand. He prefers the hard floor. Sigh.
They also brought out a giant iguana for some people to take photos with them.
That's SIL and me with our babies.

And after lunch, Khye was tired as it was already past his nap time, so he slept. He actually slept for almost 2 hours there. I guess he was comfortable in the stroller with the occasional cool breeze.

At about 3.30pm, it was time to leave. All of us showered and changed.
The 3 cousins were still inseparable, but it was time to say bye-bye.

Shern took a last photo in front of the Pirate Ship before we left POLW.

And we walked back to the Beach Station.
Hubby took a snap at both Khye & I with our sunnies. Many people tell me this photo is like THE advertising photo for babywearing! Lol.
In fact, this is the main photo when I chose when I wrote a review on Ergobaby.

Waiting for our Sentosa Express. Shern was happy to spot a purple (his favourite colour!) monorail.

When we reached Vivo City, Shern insisted to see the monorail leave the tracks before we could leave the place.
Ok, anything as we were not rushing for time. That's the nice thing about walking by ourselves. We determine the time.

A purple unicorn distributing apples on one of the Apple Outlet in Vivocity.

Then we spotted this kids driving thingy and Shern of course wanted to drive his own car.
So Shern drove a car by himself for 10 minutes at SGD6.

After that, just next to it was a mini playground, filled with kids.
Shern had a blast sliding down the slides.

And after that, Shern couldn't stand it no more and he fell asleep in his stroller.
Khye on the other hand was wide awake because he just napped for almost 2 hours at POLW.

With Shern asleep, and babywearing Khye, I managed to get some shopping done at Vivo City.
Bought some clothes for Khye on sale at Mothercare, and also went into Paper Market for some scrapbook shopping. Bliss!

Woke Shern up after 1 1/2 hrs when we saw this Mini Express Train Ride.
At SGD6 per ride, it gave Shern so much joy.

While waiting for his turn, he sat at the 'Boarding Station', where they had put up some books for them to read. Really thoughtful indeed!

SHern saw some signs there and as expected asked me to tell him what each signs meant! '='

This is the train. An engine with four tenders.

Shern chose to be in the green tender. Shern was brave and sat all by himself.

After 10 minutes, we saw Shern approaching the station back again.

He told us that the train went near the sea and that he waved to the people he saw and they waved back.
I'm glad Shern was so happy!

Wehad dinner at Food Republic, and after that we webt back to our hotel. It was 10pm when we got home, and all of us were dead tired.
It has been a long but happy day!!!

Good night for Day 2 @ Singapore!

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