Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shern Having His Eyes Checked Again!

2 September 2013 @ Eyecon Optometry in Burmah Road

Shern complained to me a few days ago that his left eye vision was 'blur blur'. I was rather taken aback as Shern accidentally scratched his left eyelid about a week ago.
I quickly made an appointment with Miss Ho from Eyecon Optometry again just like Shern's last eye check visit in May. I didn't want to delay in having it checked when it comes to something so important such as my son's eye.

I told Miss Ho about Shern's remarks and also told her about his recently healed scratched left eyelid. She said it seems unlikely that the blurred vision is caused by the scratched eyelid on his cornea, but she will still check it nonetheless.
Miss Ho commented again that it is rare that 4yo is so expressive and can tell me that his left eye is 'blur blur'. :)

As usual, Shern had fun having his eyes checked because Miss Ho made it seem like they are playing games. It actually looked like it because Shern was just wearing special spectacles and matching shapes and puzzles while sitting in the donut chair. :)

Miss Ho checked his long vision eye by eye, and also his short vision. She also checked his corneas for scratches. All seems normal. Shern could identify the shapes. Phew.
Thankfully all went well, because it would be difficult for such an active 4yo to wear specs!

Miss Ho advised that we'll just monitor it and see if Shern still complains about his 'blur left eye'. And then we will see from there.

This time the consultation fee was RM30.
Very worth it because it gave me peace of mind that Shern's eye is ok.

So anyone in Penang looking for Child Optometrist, please find Miss Ho at:

Tan & Ho Child Optometry Clinic Sdn Bhd

No 269D, Jalan Burmah,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 Pulau Pinang,
Tel: +604 226 1410
Fax: +604 226 1410
Specialization:Infant / Toddler Vision Assessment, Binocular Vision Assessment, Vision Therapy for Lazy Eye, Squints etc., Visual Motor/Perceptual Skills Assessment, Myopia Control.
Practitioner: Ho Oi Ching, B. Optometry (Hons), UKM

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