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Review: Kao Merries Walker Pants Diapers

Japan's No. 1 Selling Diaper, Kao Merries, has finally reached the shores of Malaysia.
I've heard of Kao Merries Diapers from some friends in Singapore where they raved about how good it is. So I was very happy when I'd been notified that Kao Merries will send me a trial package for my kiddos.


Kao (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in 1973 as an overseas subsidiary of Kao Corporation, the No. 1 toiletry manufacturer in Japan, with over 120 years of history. 

In Malaysia, over the years, Kao brands has grown to be the leader in the Malaysian beauty care, home care and human health industry, marketing a wide range of products and brands such as Biore, Asience, Liese, Attack, MagiClean, Laurier and Merries.

Kao Malaysia adopts the Kao worldwide mission, which is to strive for absolute satisfaction, enrichment of the lives of Malaysians through the Company’s core domains of cleanliness, beauty and health.

Kao stands firm to its vision to be a company that is closest to customers, earning the respect and trust of all stakeholders and contribute to the sustainable development of society.
Kao's missions are committed towards providing products and brands of excellent value for total consumer satisfaction. What I'm most impressed is this: In line with this commitment,  Kao has a zero defect tolerance in the production of Merries diapers, ensuring consumers get the very best for their babies and letting babies stay comfortable and smiling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I received a big package from the courier and I couldn't wait to open it. I love receiving packages, even though I know what is inside it!

Upon opening up the package, I saw 2 packages of Kao Merries diapers, a CD, a letter, and a cute Merries Bunny,

The two diaper packages are of different sizes.
Size L (9-14kg) Walker Pants diapers for my cutie pie Khye, and Size XL (12-22kg) Walker Pants diapers for my big boy Shern.

A big portion of the wordings on the packaging is in Japanese, but there are graphical illustrations on it. And being a mummy to 2, it isn't difficult for me to figure out what's what for diapers. :D

It is very easy to tear along the perforated lines to open up the package, making a clean tear and easy access to the diapers in it.

The diapers are packed very well and neat.
And I like that the package comes with a handle for easy carry.

First impression when I first touched the Walker Pants diapers was 'wow, really so soft and slim'. No more bulky buttocks which I like because sometimes a puffed-up bulky bottom makes it difficult to wear certain pants, and especially a onesie. So I'm very happy with a slim cut diaper. 

And I like the design on it too. Pleasant and not too striking.


Now to put Khye on the test.
Being a very active and wriggly baby at 11 months old, Khye now HATES to lie down for diaper change. So with this Walker Pants, it is much much easier to change his diapers. He can be on the crawling position and I can change him into the walker pants, no sweat! He can even be on the standing up position, and I can still change him with no sweat! Loving it!

My cutie pie is about 10+ kg and so size L (9-14kg) fits him well. The gathers hold the diapers in place at the waist and is not too tight, and very stretchable.
Khye is not bothered by it at all, and just played as normal.

As you know, Khye has a very big tummy. Lol. So I try to let the waist gathers just below its huge tummy. No problem at all as it does not slid down all the way. I let it rests just below its tummy and it does not slid down further. Is good that I can position it in any position I like and yet it stays there. Yes, I checked after 1 hour and the position is still the same!

At the legs and crotch area, its fit is good.
No redness although Khye has huge thighs too. :)

I like the Wetness Indicator feature on the diaper, first I've ever seen anywhere. When the strip changes colour from yellow-green to dark green or blue, then it is time to change the diapers.
I don't normally use that as I change Khye's diapers quite frequently after a few hours, but it does help when he has pees a little more within a period of time and may need me to change it more frequently. Also helps when I'm not around and when my mum or aunt sees it, she will know that it is time to change the diapers.

Another great feature is that Merries diapers release humidity on every part of its diapers. Its airy channels provide exceptional breathability and keeps Khye's bottom dry. It release away the uncomfortable heat and moisture which is the usual concern of a disposable diapers. With this Khye can enjoy dryness and comfort even on disposables.

The little blue tape is meant for us to tape the soiled diapers in place before disposing it properly. With this, the soiled content will not leak and it will lead us to be responsible in proper disposal.

However, I must add that sometimes while wearing it, the tape does come undone and I find it a bit irritating at times that it is dangling away. I hope that the tape can be more sticky and stays in place until we dispose of the soiled diapers.

This is the soiled diapers being wrapped up with the sticky tape.

Khye is a very happy baby using Merries Walker Pants diapers. He can crawl and be active anyway he likes and yet no uncomfortable wear, and no leakage!

 And this is Khye playing with the cute Merries Bunny.

Erm...shake shake shake the Merry Bunny.
Yes, this is the way he plays with it! ;)


Ok, now on my big boy Shern. Shern is potty-trained during the day, but not during night time when he sleeps. He still need to wear diapers to bed at night.
Shern will be the ultimate tester. Why? Because he is a super heavy wetter as he drinks a full bottle of milk before sleep at night. All brands I tried leak occasionally.

This is Shern holding his Size XL (12-22kg)Walker Pants.

Shern weighs about only 15kg, but surprisingly it fits like a glove on the waist, thanks to the waist gathers and very stretchable elastic.

But when turned on behind, there is still ample space as this size XL can fit babies up to 22kg. And it had me wondered for awhile whether it is too big and may leak.

At the legs and crotch area, the elastic fits snugly too although with some space on the bottom. 

Look at Shern laughing cheekily when and wriggling around with just the Walker Pants diapers on.

And guess what? After 2 weeks, there is still no diaper leaks! Non at all! Although the next day, the diaper is full and bulky with a lot of pee in it Impressive!

So Kao Merries Walker Pants Diapers definitely deserve a double thumbs up from me and my kiddos!
Definitely my preferred choice of disposable walker pants diapers!


Available in tape type for newborns (NB) and S size, and pants type in M, L and XL, Merries will be exclusively distributed at selective outlets within the AEON group. The recommended retail price range is between RM25.00 and RM45.00.


You can also request for a Free Sample here or drop Jessie Chan an e-mail at merries@kao.com.my for your sample.

For more info, visit Kao Merries Brand Site
You can also visit their Facebook Page.

* Disclosure: I received Kao Merries Size L and XL Walker Pants diapers for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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