Monday, May 6, 2013

Today I Cried

I cried for our country, Malaysia.
No, I did not cry hysterically, or shed bucketful of tears. It was more like a silent cry inside of me.

So this is how Lim Kit Siang and all other leaders have to go through again and again, and yet they don't give up. I really salute them. This is my first 'wake up call', and I am already feeling like shit.

Many people said no matter what, we should move on and fight again in the next election. But seeing how we always have to fight on unfair grounds makes it seem to pointless.

I love my country, but I am just a normal Malaysian. I am a normal mum trying to think for the benefits of my family. First thing in my mind: Do my kids have a future in Malaysia? I seriously don't know. Will Chinese always be treated as second-class citizens and asked to 'balik China'?

Listening to this song again, a tear or two just trickled down my cheeks.

Listen to this song people, and tell me, if you've shed a tear or two too...

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