Friday, May 17, 2013

A Mum to Two

This is the first time I celebrated Mother's Day as a mum to two kids.
I've got a big surprise from hubby this year.

At midnight when I was about to sleep, I saw a present on my bed. I was so, so surprised! I didn't expect to get anything from hubby (as we don't give pressies to each other all the time!).
In the card, hubby wrote "Thank you for our 2 cuties..." Lol.

So what is inside?
A beautiful Swarovski bracelet.
I love it, it is simple and delicate. Just my style. It is now on my wrist.
Thank you so much hubby.

The next morning, on Mother's Day, I've got a pressie from my kiddos as well (bought by hubby of course). 
Look at Shern's face. He is more excited than me because he knows what is inside the box! It's Famous Amos double chocolate cookies, my favourite, and Shern's too!
Hubby says he didn't want to pass to Shern last night because he was afraid that Shern might want to eat the cookies there and then at night. Haha.

In the morning, we went back to MIL house, and we celebrated there with MIL/Ah-Ma. Ah-Ma cooked crabs for lunch. Delicious. Bought Ah-Ma's favourite sugee cake, and also a brownie cake for the rest of us.

Shern had fun blowing the candles of course. He sang "Happy Mother's Day to Ah-Ma & Mummy...." :)

Then at dinner time, celebrated with mum/Pho-pho. My mum cooked a western-style feast!
There were mushroom soup, garlic bread, calamari rings, fish fillets, chicken, mashed potatoes, hash browns, salad, vege, etc...
We ate 'til we could eat no more. Burp.

Mum with her grandsons...:)

A photo of the 2 mummies in the house. Me & my mum. With the cake and the pressies.
We bought mum a La Gourmet Cast-Iron Grilled Pan. She loves it!

The hubbies joined in.

Min & Ah-Yee joined in.

Happy Mother's Day to all, oops...a few days late.
To the greatest mother on earth, My Mum! I love you. Thank you for everything. :)

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