Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Picnic At Our Apartment Garden

1 May 2013 - Picnic @ Our Aparment Garden

It was quite a long time since our last picnic. So I promised Shern that we'll be having a picnic during our Labour Day holiday.

But then almost every evening at about 5.30pm, it would rain. But before that, the sun was too harsh and too hot to go for picnics. So we decided to abandon having a picnic at the beach. It would be too troublesome to lug all our things there and having to pack when it rains.

So we decided to just have a picnic down  at our apartment garden.
We have a lovely garden down there, and we have the pool. So when we get hot and stuffy, just jump straight into the pool. That would be great.

So we packed some food into our picnic basket and bring everything down. Spread open our straw mat and a blanket for a place to sit our butts. Lol.
Ate fried noodles, scrambled egg sanwiches and some grapes.

You can't see Shern & hubby here in these few photos because they had gone for a dip in the pool. Haha. Yes, they swam before they eat.

Dad was busy entertaining Khye. Khye had fun too although he didn't get to eat. He just sat around playing with his toys and getting entertained.

And he smiled his megawatt smiles too...showing us proudly his bottom two teeth!

Shern was having a blast in the pool with hubby. He had fun playing with his friends in the pool.

And after that he just got up and had his favourite egg sandwiches.

Everyone just chilled and relaxed and had fun. Great family time.
We will totally do it again soon.

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