Friday, June 15, 2012

Shern's First Visit to the Dentist

When I returned from Melb last week, I noticed one of Shern's front tooth is grey in colour. It does not look like those cavity grey but more of a transparent-grey, like it being rotten from the inside of the tooth or something. I got quite worried and so was looking for child dentistry service in Penang. The only one I've heard of people going is the Queensbay Dental Surgery which is near Queensbay Mall.

Thanks to Josie and google, I found out that they have a branch and it is called SmileBay Dental Surgery which has child dentistry service. Best of all, it is located at Tanjung Bungah, which is so near our home.

So I made an appointment for Shern to have his first visit there. I also sent an email enquiry at the website, asking for a suitable child dentist and also my expectations. I mentioned that I would like my son to have a good first dentist experience and would prefer it if no procedure to be taken on his first visit. Just a get-to-know session.
They replied my email very professionally and recommended me to Dr. Tow.

So on Wednesday, straight after playschool, I brought Shern to SmileBay Dental Surgery. The place looks very new and clean.
13 June 2012
There is a water dispenser and so Shern had a cup of water. And there is also 2 computer for guests to browse the internet. Shern was doing some typing on Notepad and drawing on Paint to keep his occupied.

Afer about 15 mins, it was Shern's turn. Dr. Tow is a really, really nice lady dentist. She straightaway made Shern felt at ease with her. And she led Shern to the chair, telling him that the chair is like an airplane which can go up and down. Shern was so amused by it and sat on the chair with it up and down several times, and Dr. Tow obliged to his requests.

So when Dr. Tow requested for Shern to open his mouth for her, Shern obliged as well.
Then Dr. Tow told me the bad news. The greyish front tooth is dead, which is why it is greyish in colour. She told me it was caused by a knock onto something or a fall. She asked if Shern had any fall. Then I recalled him having a fall and knocked his lips 'til it was swollen in playschool. It must be then that the tooth took a hit and then it gradually died.

Dr. Tow said for now, she will not be doing anything. And since Shern has no pain, she does not want to make it painful for him. And so she would not do anything for now. The actual solution to the problem is like a 'root canal' for the adults where she needs to remove the nerves of the tooth and that requires injection.
Shern is still too young for it. And so she said she would not do anything for now as long as we don't mind the greyish blackened coloured dead tooth. She assured us that it would not fall off, not until he is 6 or so, but it will slowly turned darker in colour. But there might be a time where it may be infected (as it is a dead tooth with nerves) and then Shern may feel pain. But she won't know when that will happen. But for now since Shern has no pain, she will just leave it as it is and see how it goes, and she may do it for him when he is bigger and more ready.

I agreed with her. Her advice sounded good and so we will be bringing Shern to see her every three months once. And for that consultation, it was free of charge! I was surprised! She said she didn't do anything so it is free. So very good of her!

So people with kids in Penang, this is a child dentist I fully recommend. She is really good with kids and Shern likes her.

Because of her, Shern had a very pleasant first dental visit, with airplane seats! ;P

SmileBay Dental Surgery
Consultation Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm
Sunday & Public Holidays closed

No. 1-A, Jalan Tanjung Bungah,
Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang,

+604-899 3800
+604-899 3700 

This is a photo of Shern's grey-ish left front tooth. It is quite noticeable when he smiles widely like this. :(
Shern @ Genting Higlands - 16 June 2012

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