Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Are Back from Our Babymoon!

Dating with hubby at the Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne - 3 June 2012

Yes, we are back from our babymoon trip to Melbourne!

It was a lovely and relaxing 10 days trip. We took the train to mostly Melb CBD and hopped on trams to get to our destination.
Ate authentic Vietnamese, Greek and even Spanish cuisine, and of course Aussie western cuisine as well.
We ate yummy cold Gelato while watching the fire display by Crown Casino by the riverside, and ate macarons by the pond at the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was really awesome.

And I made hubby fell in love with Melbourne as much as I do. This is the only place I hope to visit again and again.

But I'm glad to be back. And we were greeted by Shern shouted 'Welcome home mummy and daddy. I miss you'. I miss you too baby! ;)


WendyinKK said...

Shern must have been so glad.
The next thing, did he scour your bags looking for goodies?

tanshuyin said...


you know my son so well. either that, or our kids are of the same kind.
Shern asked me 'mummy, what you buy?' hahahahhaa!!!!