Thursday, November 10, 2011

USA: Painted Ladies aka Postcard Row - San Francisco, California - 8 May 2011

These are called Painted Ladies, which is a term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details.

But this row of Victorian houses at 710–720 Steiner Street, across from Alamo Square park, are better known as 'Postcard Row' in San Francisco. This is because of the stunning city skyline at the background of these houses.

I myself found them to be very photogenic. Love the colourful houses against the city skyline and blue sky. All I hope was that we went there early in the morning where there were nobody for me to take a beautiful photo without all the strangers. Haha.

Sigh. Now I have to settle with the photo below, or the cropped photo above. ;P

The park itself was also nice. There were quite a number of people having picnic on the park. Some were just lying down with a book. Marvelous. I could really picture myself doing that if I live there.

A photo of the 2 of us.

And this last photo is the silhouette of the 2 of us! ;)

p/s - Click here for more of my USA trip.


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