Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yiu-Shern - 26 Months

This post is way outdated, hidden in my draft for almost 3 months.

22 August 2011

Cuti-Cuti Penang
August was the month where Popo, Kong-kong & Yee-Pho went to Singapore for a week. And since Min was still working at that time, left the 3 of us at home whenever Peter gets off work.
I decided to take a break ourselves and break off from our normal routine, so that was the beginning of our daily dose of Cuti-cuti Penang.

We went to many places in Penang, such as CTY Aquarium, Teluk-Bahang Fisherman Jetty, Adventure Zone, Mega Kiddies World, Ferry Ride, Penang Bird Park, Penang Hill, Youth Park, Teluk Bahang Dam, etc.

I then realized Penang has so many places to visit even with a toddler in tow. And many of these places are free. It makes me more happy because Shern was so happy. I'm sure Shern thought he was on holidays too when Popo, Kong-kong & Yee-pho were not around.

Shern in Car Seat
It was also the starting of me re-introducing the car seat to Shern. I wrote all about the Battle of the Car Seat about a few weeks ago.

Reciting from 1 to 10
Shern learnt how to recite from 1 to 10, thanks to the ad '10 Reasons You Should Choose Thai Airways' on Astro. Well, at least there are some benefits in letting your kids watch ads on tv. :)

His speech development continues to astonish even me. He learns new words so fast that we could not even afford to mumble any bad words like 'shit'. The other day he started to say 'oh my god' in exactly the same tone I said it. He imitated it so damn well he started to scare me.

He can now recites Nursery Rhymes, in sentences now and not just the last words.
Current favourite is Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Pussy Cat Pussy Cat, Little Jack Horner and Wee Willy Winkie.

His current favourites are 'The Little Engine That Could' and 'Nursery Rhymes'.
He even adores a Cars themed Lego brochure we got from Toys 'R' Us, asking me to "read" the brochure to him again and again and pointing to Lightning McQueen, Mater and Finn McMissile. Toys R Us would be very happy to know that their brochures has very long lifespan in my house!

Shern is really the MPPP of the house. He eats everything, including char koay teow and hokkien mee. Even this means one mouthful of char koay teow and one sip of water. He is not afraid of spicy.

But luckily, he eats rice quite readily too. But he is not too fond of porridge nowadays. Just like me I guess. And of course his favourites are Yakult and Vitagen.

But when it comes to fruits, he stays far far away. It is really weird you know. Once he sees it, he automatically knows they are fruits and he won't even go near them. Be it apples, oranges, watermelons, kiwis, bananas, etc. Sometimes he tries them when we tried to make them sound so delicious, but usually he spits them out. Fruits are sweet, why doesn't he like them?

He now sleeps from around 10pm to 8.30am every night. No waking up for feeds as usual. Still pees in his diapers. There are the occasional dreams where he laughs while sleeping or even talks when he sleeps. All I need it to just pat him and he continues his sleep.

Gone are the days where we need to carry him to sleep (phew!). Really so glad because he weighs a ton now. Ok, not a ton but feels like a ton. All he needs is someone to accompany him to sleep. Drinks 6-7oz of milk. And then he will tosses and turns in bed, and also puts his head on my stomach and all over me, until he falls asleep, which is usually in 15 minutes.

Potty Training
This one fails big time. Screams his head off when he sees the potty. Starts fighting with me about me taking off his diapers and asking me to wear back for him. Cries and wails until his poop disappeared. Sigh.

Now his usual is he hides when he does his big business. When you suddenly hear silence in the house, you will find Shern hiding in a corner doing his big business. And if we go near him, he will asks us to go away. Big business done when he finally comes out from his corner. Sigh.


Unknown said...

so blissful... children are blessings from God. they complete us :P

tanshuyin said...

Jamie...yes, that is y i want more than 1 kid for sure ;)

your turn soon i hope.