Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Rainy Afternoon...

we took a big, blue umbrella and went down to our apartment garden.

29 August 2011

We went to our garden's little pavilion and sat there, shaded from the rain and watched the rain.
My little boy was happy munching the box of raisins and cereals I brought down for him.

Together, we watched the pelting rain and watched the koi fish swimming in the pond.
Sitting there, I could smell the rain. The rain was noisy and yet calming. I haven't felt this way before. To be so close to the rain 'til I could smell it.
Normally, I would just run helter skelter away from the rain and indoor. That day was different.

I took the umbrella and camera in my hand, I walked opposite the pond and took a photo of father and son.

I caught Shern feeding daddy some snacks.

It was a nice rainy day to get some family bond so near home. All we need was just a big umbrella and some rain. :)


Unknown said...

sometimes, i think certain events in life has one purpose... to bring people together :)

tanshuyin said...

haha. i think it is the people who make an effort to be together ;D

WendyinKK said...

There are times when I love to turn my head up and look at the raindrops as they fall. It's amazing to see those round crystal like things in the sky and break apart when they touch the ground.. amazing.
I can truly imagine the smell... I love that too.

tanshuyin said...

yes, it's a lovely smell.