Sunday, November 21, 2010

My New Pair of Heels

This is my newest pair of heels.
And my first pair of Lewré heels.
Bought at a fraction of the original price. 70% discount to be exact.

Lovin' the fuchsia pink!


Kate said...

after reading this post... I figured I should post pictures of my BRAND NEW NINE WEST heels on my blog too. :p We're such vain women... ... ...

tanshuyin said...

hahha. i love shoes. and it's been a long time since i last bought a pair that i love.
n i so love this pair now ;)

Kate said...

haha! i know what u mean about loving the shoes we buy. since i got here, i have bought 4 pairs of heels - all made of leather. I am spoilt. Can no longer settle for anything less than leather. :p

tIcKLeMe said...

the pink looks fresh. this would look best with skirts above knee.

tanshuyin said...

so true....lovely with skirts, short ones.
i love it coz i love fuchsia and it looks so feminine.