Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Evolution of my Pregnant Belly #3

Now it is time to look back again how marvelous God made our belly expands again and again. :)
Just like the time when I was carrying Shern and Khye, my belly didn't grow much in the first few months.
It was only when I'm 6th or 7th months pregnant, then people would start giving up their seats for me or take a chair for me to rest on. Haha.

 2nd and 3rd month

 4th and 5th month

 6th and 7th month

 8th and 9th month

As of last month's checkup at about 8 months pregnant then, I only gained 6kg, while Little Bun inside me was already 2.5kg according to the scan! 
My body frame remained small and thus it is not easy for me, resulting me with backache and such.

Anyway, I am still glad as I guess it will be easier for me to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight soon I hope!

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