Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"My Cheekaaboo Ramadhan Wish" Campaign - Win A Cheekaaboo Swimsuit!

Do you all remember the awesome Cheekaaboo Swimsuit that I reviewed some time ago? 

Well, you all will be glad to know that Cheekaaboo will be running a "My Cheekaaboo Ramadhan Wish" Campaign from today 8th - 14th July 2015! #mycheekaaboowish

Just tell Cheekaaboo your Ramadhan Wish and Share it with your friends and family. 
3 Lucky Winners will walk away with their selected Cheekaaboo merchandise while EVERY participant receives a RM20 gift voucher.
Click here to join now and just follow the steps. Easy!

So it is like a win-win situation for EVERYBODY, how lovely is that?
Everybody is a winner!

I think I myself will also be submitting an entry to try to win a swimsuit for one of my boys too, maybe for Little Bun, as I think Cheekaaboo is the only swimsuit brand I know that has insulating properties that will keep a child warm in and out of the pool! 

So hurry up and join the campaign and stand a chance to win a Cheekaaboo Swimsuit! 

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