Friday, July 24, 2015

Presents From Vern

When I delivered Khye, Shern was about 3yo, and I wrapped up a present (an RC car I bought from Tesco) and gave it to Shern, telling him it was from baby Khye.
Shern was very happy with his present from his 'lil brother at that time.

And I was surprised when just a few weeks ago, Shern asked me "Where is the car that Yiu-Khye gave me last time?"
I was a little taken aback because I didn't expect him to remember it since he was only 3yo and that time and now he is already 6yo. That little car also got lost somewhere among his toys and he no longer plays with it.

But that got me thinking and I wanted to be sure that I prepared a gift each for both of them from the baby, because I think Khye will remember as well, just like his koko did.

The gift don't have to be something big. Just something that both of them likes.
And luckily on the morning before I went into labour, my sis and I went to Mr. DIY and grabbed some toys from there.

It needn't be expensive toys. I got it for a few ringgit each.
My sis helped to wrap it up inside a paperbag (because I went into labour so suddenly) and I wrote a little note to each of them from their 'lil brother.

The brothers' reaction when they meet Yiu-Vern for the first time.
Shern was very much happy and excited to see the baby.
Khye on the other hand, Khye was a 'lil apprehensive when he saw the baby. I think he was a little shocked to see the baby no more inside my tummy, but now on the cot. :)

Look at them excitedly digging into the package taking out their presents.

Shern is into airplanes nowadays. We got this plane from the market at RM15.
And Khye's basketball net we got it from Mr. DIY at only RM3.50.

Look at their super happy faces.
Guess they are more happy with their pressies than welcoming their lil bro. Haha.

Anyway, I hope in years to come, Khye will also remember that this pressie is from Vern, just like his koko did with his present from him.

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