Friday, April 17, 2015

Shern and His Frequent Urination

April 2015 - 5 years 10 mths

Shern came back from school the other day with different clothes and slippers. He then told me that he peed in his pants in school, during Chinese class because his teacher didn't allow him to go to the toilet because he just went not too long ago.
I listened to his side of story and then just shrugged it off. I knew these things happen sometimes. I told him was ok and that he should tell his teacher if he really needed to go. He nodded.

Two days later, we went out for dinner and that was when we noticed that Shern went to the toilet many times. Just from the time we paid the bill to walking to our car, which took us about 10 mins, he asked for the toilet 3 times!

Then only I started to notice how frequent he peed at home too. (usually I don't count how many times he pees at home. He doesn't need to ask permission to pee at home!). I checked and there was pee every time, not just drops but about 2 tablespoons of pee. Hmmm...So initially we suspected UTI. Called his peds to make appointment for the next day.

Shern skipped school the next day to see the doctor, and also because he told me he was scared to go to school as he needed to go to the toilet so many times. And thus, he refused to drink water, which I feared may make the matter worse. Poor boy.

At the hospital, he took a urine test for UTI. His urine test came out clear, which means it is not UTI. His paed suspected that his accumulated stools/poop may be blocking and pressing on his bladder, thus sending signals to his brain that he needs to go pee.
I was in disbelieve as Shern poos almost every day, though not a lot to be honest. A piece of poo or two only usually. Dr. Chiah said that was the problem. He does poo every day but only little, and then we thought it is ok. Thus the accumulated poo inside.
Dr. Chiah said apparently, this is a common problem among kids, where they gets so distracted and just poo a little as they can't wait to go out to play!

He tried to press him tummy to feel the poop, but Shern being soooo ticklish and laughed and tensed up, so the doctor couldn't feel anything.
And also the fact that Shern doesn't take any fruits at all, (he doesn't even like orange juice or orange ice-cream!), and almost no veg except for the french beans in his fried rice!

We also did Shern's last immunisation booster jab for polio (which we told Shern doctor was checking for ants in his hands. Yes he really didn't know it was an injection!), and Shern declared that this felt better than the tickling. And doctor said this was supposed to be a more painful jab because it was injected into his muscle. Weird kid.

And so his doctor advised us to try to release all his poo in his tummy (he prescribed some stools softening meds, and revin enema to instantly remove all his poop for once), before checking for further tests which needs x-ray and blood test. I agreed.

And sure enough, after pumping the tube in his backside, 6-7 stools came out. But then his condition did not improve yet. We went for Yamaha class the next day with him going to the toilet 10 times in 1 1/2 hours including traveling time!

Shern went to school and I did write a letter to his teacher informing his situation so that they understand him. No complains from Shern after that.
But Shern was sad that his 'bladder is spoilt'. He told me that he already prayed to Jesus to make his bladder strong again but why Jesus never listened to him?
I told him that Jesus only helps those who helps themselves, so he must do his part to drink more water, eat more fruits and vege and poo poo often.

Texted his paed and he assured me to let him try for 3 days, and then see how he fares before we make another decision. On the 3rd day, his condition improved, and his need to go to the toilet decreases. I'm sooo happy for him, and he is happy too.
Shern did improve quite a lot. From a totally no fruits person, and now he eats apples, starting from a slice of apple a day, to today 5 slices of apples! Big improvement indeed for him!

And so this is a little lesson for me and for us all.
That is not enough if he poos every day, we must see the amount of poo! :)

Anyway, I'm glad my big boy is now ok. And Shern has been telling his teacher that 'my bladder is now stronger already because I am eating apples!'

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!