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Langkawi With Kids - Day 3, 4 & 5 (Tanjung Rhu Resort)

3 Dec 2014 - 4 of us at Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi

Let me continue the final part of our Langkawi trip in Dec 2014 (click to read our Day 1 & 2).
We went for a luxurious stay on the final 2 nights of our trip, at Tanjung Rhu Resort (TRR).

That was hubby and my 3rd time to TRR. Our first time was during our honeymoon in 2007 which wowed us then, and also the reason we were back again the following year for our 1st anniversary when I was preggy with Shern.

And now here we were back to TRR with me being preggy with Little Bun. This place holds lotsa memories for us.
And now we were back to make more memories there with both my kids and my family, and also to celebrate our 8 yrs ROM Anniversary.

It was nice that they remembered us and this 'lil cake was in our room upon check-in.

This was our Bayu Suria Suite, shot in panorama mode in different angles. 
It was furnished with a king sized bed, lounge with sofa, and an ensuite bathroom which can open up to the bedroom. 

We basically did nothing there other than to rest, sleep, bask in the sun, swim and to eat eat eat! Yes, because we opted for the All-Inclusive Package which entitled us to 24 hours dining. :)

Some photos of the beautiful resort that captured our hearts again and again.

And its view....breathtaking views.  


Some panaroma shots of the view.

And so this was us basking in the sun taking photos of the beautiful resort.


Rare family photos of the 4 of us (+1) :)

Some grandparents time.

The ever so loving parents of mine. :)

And Ah-yee!

And the pregnant me!

The adults relaxing on the beach while the kids play with water and sand.


The kids enjoying the sand.

Kong-kong bringing them to fill up their pails with water.

When it was low tide, we were able to almost walked to the nearby island. There was a guard standing there advising us when the tide was low and would whistle to the hotel guests when the tide was rising.

I really, really love the amazing views in Tanjung Rhu Resort, so here they are again.


Some me-time!

And erm....breastfeeding time with a beautiful backdrop. (pls ignore my ugly expression. lol)

Swim time. All of us became a few shades darker from all the sun. 

Shern even made new friends there, Adam and her sister, Lydia!

And of course we ate to our hearts' content. Shern will show you how delicious the food was! ;)




All in all, it was a fabulous short and very relaxing getaway.
And after 3 times, I am still so much in love with Tanjung Rhu Resort. 
We will be back!

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