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Langkawi With Kids - Day 1 & 2 (Berjaya Langkawi Resort, Underwater World, Telaga Tujuh)

Pssstttt......this blog post has been in my draft post for more than 2 months. I didn't manage ti finish typing it until here goes....... 
Warning....long blog post with a gazillion photos!

Langkawi 1-5 December 2014


We took Air Asia to Langkawi this time because they now have direct flight from Penang. 
It was Khye's 4th time flying (first time to Singapore, then KL and Hong Kong), and Shern's erm.... 6th time (Phuket, South Africa, Singapore, KL and Hong Kong) flying.

The whole lot of us. Yes, this time, the gramps all decided to tag along. 
The flight journey was uneventful. It took only about half an hour and we landed in Langkawi airport. (as opposed to the many hours of ferry ride! lol)

We rented this Avanza in advance and so this was waiting for us when we landed in Langkawi.
RM150/day because is peak season and I booked it super last minute! 
I decided to take it anyway because I don't want to end up with no MPV for rent and have to rent 2 cars instead for our big family. 

We drove the Avanza to our hotel for the first 2 nights - Berjaya Langkawi Resort!

After checking in, the hotel has a buggy that brought us all to our booked Rainforest Chalets from the lobby. Needless to say, both kids, especially Shern was thrilled everytime we go on the buggy ride that goes up and down the hilly slopes.  

This was how our Rainforest Chalet looked like. Us standing in front of our chalet waiting for the buggy. We had adjoining rooms


Berjaya Langkawi Resort is actually quite a beautiful place. 
We took some photos with my kids when we walked around the resort. This was the pool side.




Then we walked over to the beach area. 

Behind us were the more expensive chalets by the sea. 

We picked some flowers on the ground and put them behind our eyes. Khye totally loved this and was putting it behind his ears everyday in Langkawi as long as we see some flowers on the ground!

And this is the view we woke up to while having breakfast on our balconies. 

For Day 1 after a rest in our chalet, we went to Underwater World Langkawi. Entrance tickets are expensive at RM30 for MyKad holders, and half price for kids I think.

We all bought anyway as this type of attractions are best enjoyed with kids!

Shern and Khye were fascinated with the big fishes and all.

There was this enclosed yet open area where some tame animals roam free.

My kids loved the water creatures. Khye saw his favourite ducks bobbing on the water. 

And Khye especially loved the seal. We were lucky that the seal was doing stunts and swimming and jumping when we were there!


Then there was the different types of penguins areas. Our favourite is this 'mean-looking penguins'!



Us under the tunnel. 

We took a rest nearby the penguin area, while the kids had ice-cream.
As usual, Khye only had the cone as he doesn't like ice-creams.

Then we continued seeing giant crabs.

Sting ray with a cute face.

Baby sharks. 

A giant fish that got Shern fascinated. 

Kong-kong got to spend some precious time with his grandsons!

We saw beautiful corals, clown fish (erm, Nemo to my kids!), square-faced fish and others.


It was a great trip and we spent more than 2 hours there. 

And then it was off to my dad's old friend shop which sells pizza -  Artisan Pizza.
We went to the Pantai Chenang branch (I think he has 3 branches in total in Langkawi) because it was just next to the Underwater World. 

The pizza was to die-for. Seriously. I've never eaten such delicious pizzas. I seldom buy pizzas in Penang coz I think I make better pizzas hahaha. But Artisan Pizza was really delicious and my family are still craving for it even now. 
Go try it if you happen to visit Langkawi!


The next morning, we woke up early to get to the waterfall - Seven Wells or the Telaga Tujuh.
Shern had nutella sticks for breakfast, well, it is holidays after all.

Climbing up Telaga Tujuh was in our itinerary because I remembered the good times I had when I was a little girl and my parents brought us to some waterfall for water play. I enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to let my kids have the same happy memories as I do.

Changed them into their bathing suit, all ready to climb the steps.

My gosh, the climb was strenuous. At least for me, who don't exercise at all. 
Parents and ah-yee were also puffing along climbing up.
Peter had to carry fatty Khye up most of the way 'coz he was walking too slow. If we follow his pace, we would never reach our destination. 
And just to let you know, we only climbed to the lowest fall. 

My research said it would be a 15-20 mins hike, but I think it took us double the time to get there! And we were all panting all the way up!

And I was mighty proud of Shern who walked all the way up.
Shern, who was the laziest to walk just 1 yr ago, he climbed all the way up by himself without complaining except the occasional 'Are we there yet?'! :)

To tell the truth, the view there was not breathtaking, as it was the lowest level of the waterfalls.
So you can't really see the cascade of it.
But I think it has really preview nature views and we were glad to hiked up.

It is still pretty, right?

And we enjoyed Telaga Tujuh so much because we spent 2 hours enjoying the cool water there, playing with the water and just relaxing. 
I like that the water was clean and clear (not salty sea water), so it felt really clean to soak ourselves in the water.

The water level is perfect and safe enough for kids play at this low level. 
I brought along some pails and small fishing nets to catch little fish and tadpoles.

Nearby some areas are deeper. Look at mum soaking herself and enjoying.

And then Peter joined in. They enjoyed the rushing of the water as she laid down relaxing.

Is nice to see the kids bonding with the grandparents over nature and water play.
See all their happy faces! Precious indeed!

Ah yee sitting down enjoying the cool water rushing by. 
Khye was enjoying so much too. 

I love this father and son photo - hubby bringing Shern to catch small fishes at another part of the falls. And let me tell you, is not easy to catch those little fishes. haha.

Some photos of just the 4 of us.
Is nice when we travel with extended family, so we can get more decent photos of the 4 of us!

 The clean and clear water. Can you see those small fishes? 

Haha. Shern managed to scoop some dried leaves only!

Mum and I walked over to the other side near the cascading falls and we took some photos there. 
View from the other side.

Mum and I standing near the 'drop' behind us which was fenced off.

A rare selfie or mum and I. 

Mum still has beautiful legs at her age. hehe.

After 2 hours or so, we started hiking down because we were hungry. 
And of course it took way less time and easier to hike down. lol. 

We stopped at the coastal road near the airport when we saw vans and make shift stalls. 
We had a very full and delicious and cheap lunch of grilled chicken, noodles and laksa, and also coconut water to wash it all down!

And we went home to nap coz the kids were tired after all the play. 
Evening time we came out again and as we passed by the marina, we saw beautiful sunset which we couldn't help it but stop the car for some photoshoot!

Some nice shots of pho-pho and kong-kong.

A rare couple shot of hubby & I.

And us.

And Khye tried licking some ice-cream...v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y. haha.

And the boys with their funny antics, with Khye following what his big bro did! 

Brothers are forever!

DAY 3 - 3rd Dec 2014 (Oriental Village)

Ok, I will mention a little bit of Day 3 where we went to the Oriental Village where the cable car is.

It was near Berjaya Langkawi Resort so we went over for awhile before we moved to our next resort.
We let the kids take the horse carriage.
It was less than 5 mins ride for I think rm20. Kinda expensive to me but kids enjoyed it so no complains.


And then we paid a little more for Shern to take a pony ride.


Khye was a bit scared of the big animal so he was contented clinging on to me and just taking photos with it. :)

It was a hot hot day and there was nothing much in Oriental Village besides the Cable Car. So we left the place. 

And that was all for the first 2 1/2 days of our trip in Langkawi.
The next part is the super relaxing part of our trip which we stayed in a luxurious resort for the next 2 nights.
So that would be another blog post. Stay tuned.

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