Monday, November 24, 2014

Conversation With Shern @ 5 years 4 months

As Shern is getting bigger and smarter, he asks really intelligent yet funny questions all the time. And also the fact that he does not stop talking the whole day! haha.


(Shern was being picky and did not want to eat the homecooked claypot chicken rice, and wanted to eat snacks instead which I don't allow at dinnertime.)

Shern: I am hungry.
Me: Eat this rice.
Shern: I don't like this rice.
Me: Eat this rice before you can eat any snacks. If not, then you don't get to eat anything.
Shern: I don't want.
Me: It's ok, it is your choice so it is up to you. But no food until you finish your rice.
Shern: If I am hungry and don't eat anything, I will die wor. Will I die? And if I die will I go to Heaven?

(I told him before earlier that if he does silly things and if he dies, then he will NOT go to heaven! But I meant that if he jumps in front of a car, or jump down a building, etc. Click to see our conversation earlier on this matter.)

Shern: Is not eating food and die a silly thing? Means I won't go up to Heaven?
Me: Maybe. So you better eat your rice.


(Shern was a Hyena in The Lion King for his drama class performance.)

Shern: Mummy, is Hyena bad? I don't want to be a bad 'person'. I don't want to be a Hyena.
Me: It is ok, this is just acting. The important thing is you are a good boy in real.
(Shern closed his eyes and clasped his hands together and started to pray)
Shern: Dear God, I am only acting as a bad person ah. Pretend only. I am actually a good person. Please don't put me to Hell. I want to go to Heaven. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


I told Shern before that we gave birth to babies just like how we poo-poo out.And today suddenly Shern asked me this...

Shern: If you poo-poo out the baby, how if it accidentally touch the sai-sai (shit), so geli lah?
Or if you have a big sai-sai that cannot come out, what if it blocks the baby from coming out? Sure the baby will touch the sai-sai. Will the baby become black and smelly?
Me: Doctor will make us poo-poo out all the sai-sai before the baby comes out.
Shern: What if there is still a little sai stuck inside. What if? What if?
Me: "_"


While parking, we saw the Earth God alter next to the place we parked.

Shern: Mum, is this the Chinese God? We are Chinese right, so this is also our God?
Me: Yes, this is one of the Chinese God. (Not really sure how to answer him because he goes to a Christian kindy)
Shern: Does this Chinese God knows how to speak English? Because if he can't then I don't know how to talk to him!
Me: All Gods can speak many languages, so you don't worry.



Unknown said...

Yiu Shern so funny!

tanshuyin said...

haha he is a funny boy laa.
but too many ques sometimes, i pening.