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Review: Sevi Play Puzzle Transportation - A Great Travel Toy!

I am someone who loves good quality products for my kids (erm, who doesn't?) so I was chuffed when given an opportunity to do a review for Applecrumby and Fish.


Applecrumby & Fish was conceived in late 2011 and founded 9 mths later representing brands that are recognized for their premium quality. 
Applecrumby & Fish seeks to deliver a wide range of fine baby essentials to families Malaysia-wide, and internationally.
Their goal is simple; they do what they can in alleviating the customers shopping hassles. They constantly search the globe and carefully pick innovative and ingenuous products. 
Today, Applecrumby & Fish has grown at a tremendous pace and is proudly a market leader in the niche and premium baby industry. They strive to improve and grow in order to serve their customers better. 


I received my first delivery from Applecrumby & Fish and I must say that I am very pleased.
Products came in a sturdy brown box and when opened, it was filled up of square foams to cushion the products.


Sevi is an Italian brand that makes gorgeous toys since 1831. Sevi is probably Europe's oldest brand of wooden toys and accessories, born out of the skillful hands of the Senoner family.

Firstly, let me talk about this Sevi's Play Puzzle Transportation toy that I received.
It came in a sturdy box.

The front and back of the box are pictured below.

I like the clear and big fonts of the packaging box at the front, stating all important information.
The front has the Sevi brand logo at the bottom left of the box. And on the top reads Play Puzzle Transportation in English and Italian.
There are also information saying that it consists of 8 pieces, and that this toy is suitable for age 3+.
It also has a graphic of what the toy looks like inside, which captured my attention immediately.

At the back of the box it is also stated in a few languages the size and the name of the puzzle. It also has the Sevi logo and also the warning sign that this toy is not meant for children from 0-3 yrs.

And at both the front and the back of the box, there is also this Hand Made Designed In Italy logo.

Upon opening up the box, I see a wooden box packaged carefully in a white plastic-kinda sheet, with a Sevi System Quality-Control Sticker.

Tearing the sticker and the white sheet off, and it revealed a wooden box with vibrant colourful photos of the contents.

This gorgeously handmade wooden box is such a love at first sight.
The content pictures on the wooden box is handpainted.

I especially love the mechanism to open/close this wooden box.
It is not complicated and something simple actually,  just an elastic band on a toggle, and is such a classic!
It is easy for kids to do it themselves and yet keep the box well shut. 

It also came with a piece of instruction leaflet, on how the toys can be played.


Now let me reveal what is inside this precious wooden box.
Yes, just like what the content photos shown on the box.
It revealed a traffic light, a lorry, a garage, a helicopter, a car, a man, a train and a tractor - a total of 8 pieces as indicated in the box.

A closed up photos of the contents in the box.
The details of the pieces are really amazing, so detailed and delicate.
There are design on the man's shirt, window flaps on the garage, and different wheels design on different transport....really amazing!

And when I took out the pieces, you can see that underneath it is exactly the same photos of the pieces. 

Which makes a great puzzle play!
Yes, just match the pieces to the box! 
Train on the middle bottom, garage on the top right, man on the bottom left and so on...
Playing puzzles encourage fine and gross motor skills developtment and also enhances pattern recognition on making sure the pieces fit to the photos on the box!

Even Khye managed to complete the puzzle all by himself, and even clapped for himself when all was matched correctly!

And what's more, it also provided my children and I a great way to keep the pieces/contents back into the box. 
Here's Khye putting pieces back into the box after playing.

Without the photos underneath the box, there is no way my children can keep the pieces back and fit in properly. They would just chuck everything back into the box which may result in them not being able to close the wooden box as all the pieces fitted just nicely if arranged properly.

Besides it being a puzzle, this Sevi Play Puzzle Transportation does double duty both as a puzzle and also a totally portable play set for my children. 

You can take the pieces out of the box and to play it and let your imagination run!
I love portable play stuff. Both my sons love it and can create hours and hours of fun with them.
This also encourages interactive play and is good for children of most ages.

And most of these pieces actually are able to be taken apart. Most of the pieces are made up of a few smaller pieces and can be taken apart and interchanged which makes broader play and makes it even more fun!

You can switch parts on the buildings like this, putting the helicopter on top of the garage, making it seemed like the helicopter landed on top of the garage house.
Or just put the tractor on the front part of the lorry, making it seemed like the lorry is towing the tranctor.
And the man riding on the train bottom.
Lotsa space for imaginative play!

And needless to say, both my boys are especially ecstatic when these pieces are vehicles.
You know how both my boys are transport freaks right? Check out how both Shern and Khye could recognize all kinds of transport at about 1 1/2 yrs old! 

And so although this toy is meant for kids age 3+ but I know Khye is ok with them because Khye doesn't mouth his toys since young , though it is good to always make sure we keep an eye on him when playing. 

So both Shern and Khye have a great time playing with this toy. 
I can always hear sounds such as 'choo choo chugga chugga'  or a 'vroom vroom' or even a 'zoom' as they play with these vehicles throughout the day.


And one more thing I really like about this toy is that this wooden box serves another purpose other than to keep the pieces in place and as a puzzle. 

This wooden box provides a range for the pieces especially when they play in confined areas such as in the airplane, or in their car seats. The box made sure my kids play with the vehicles within the box and the pieces won't fall off easily.
I'd taken the toy in car rides and also up on the plane recently (no pics on the plane because I'd shut down my mobile phone in the plane) and it works wonders on occupying my kids, especially Khye on rides.

So I've mentioned all the good things about this toy, what is the bad thing?
Well, there is one.
The details on these pieces are only on one side, and not both sides!
So when you flip the pieces backwards, you only see solid plain colours on the pieces and none of the details of the other side.

This pose a little problem on a few scenes of their imaginative play.
Actually this is what Shern feedback to me, without him, I wouldn't even have noticed the downside of this. 
Shern said 'look this lorry I can only make it move from left to right, and not from right to left. Because if I make it move from right to left, the details are gone!'. Very true indeed!

Same goes for this tractor but just on the opposite, that this tractor can only move from right to left, and not from left to right!

But other than this little thing, I think this Sevi Play Puzzle Transportation is a great toy indeed.
It doubles up as both a puzzle and a portable play set, and is great as a travel toy as well, although a little bulky indeed.  
Super duper combo of a great toy in my opinion.
This handmade wooden toy is going to last generations and would make a gorgeous Christmas gift as well!

Puzzle includes eight handmade and hand painted pieces.
Designer: Sevi
Materials: Hardwood, colored with vegetable dyes
Dimensions: 2.5" x 7" x 7"
Recommended for ages 3 and up


You can purchase Sevi Play Puzzle Transportation from Applecrumby & Fish Website

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To purchase other quality and branded toys and goods, please visit Applecrumby & Fish Website
You can also visit their Facebook page for more info. 

* Disclosure: I received a Sevi Play Puzzle Transportation review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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