Friday, November 7, 2014

A New Meaningful Blog Header

I'm not sure if you all noticed that I'd changed my blog header, but I did make some changes to it about 2 weeks or so ago.

Initially I wanted something simple and clean and I told this to Josie, but Josie is right.
Life with kids is NEVER simple and clean. ;)
And thus the header is being splashed with some colours.
And Shern's drawings are being incorporated in it: a pirate, a tow truck and his favourite of all, a train.

This blog header is not something fantastic, but I like it. Simply because it is meaningful to me, and that's special and beautiful to me.

p/s - Special thanks to Josie!

1 comment:

Serenely said...

Love your new header. Clean and simple, but the little splash of colour adds nice whimsical touch. And I love the idea of incorporating Shern's drawings into the design! How awesome it is to have such a creative friend like your Josie!