Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy 33rd Birthday Dearest Hubby!

Shern excitedly took out the fan I helped him made especially for hubby on the morning of hubby's birthday.
When asked what he wants to make for daddy, Shern answered, "A fan, so that daddy can fan himself when he is hot!".
A really thoughtful gift from a 4yo who dislike getting hot himself.

I took the cardboard cereal box and outlined the shape of a fan, and asked Shern to write/draw something in it.

Look at the stickman family he drew of us. And I spelled out the letters while he wrote them, in a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. And the hearts he drew.
Khye was too small to write anything so Shern helped write both their names in there - S H E R N and K H Y E!

Behind it, I let Shern used washi tapes to tear and paste them. I love letting Shern uses washi tapes to decorate anything. Is so easy and no mess and makes it colourful. Shern loves using them too and he chose the washi tapes designs himself!

The kids woke up their daddy on his birthday with kisses and gave him the fan!

And then I took hubby and the rest of my family to Victoria Station. My very good friend Peen took me there last year for my very first time and I fell in love with the Ribeye Steak there. It was only my second time there, and my whole family's first time.

Shern was delighted when he saw the old train head at the front of the restaurant!

And also half of the restaurant's seating area is inside the train itself!

And he was even more happy when he saw so many framed photos of trains in the restuarant.
It seemed more like Shern's birthday than hubby's. Haha.

Khye was unamused by it all, and just sat on his high chair and kept banging the spoon on the table happily.

Here is the birthday boy ordering his food.

We sat out of the train as we were a big group, and also so that Shern could stare at the train the whole time. Haha, yes he is very very very into trains!

Shern's Chocolate Milkshake!

One of the waitress there saw how enthusiastic Shern was with the train, and she kindly opened the door for Shern to climb inside. He was ecstatic to be behind the wheels and to be the Train Driver, which he told me that's his ambition! :)

After lunch, we left the kids at home while both hubby & me had a few hours just the 2 of us.
We went to Sweet Hut in Precinct 10 because birthday buy gets a free Big Bowl!

Wanted a photo of the 2 of us inside one photo. Erm, my aiming skill sucks so failed!
Take 1...

Take 2...
Gave up!

This is the free Big Bowl. Very big even to share.

We bought Chocolate Cake as requested by Shern on the way home.
Celebrated at mum's place. As usual, Shern is the happiest!

Daddy with his boys.

The 4 of us..

All joining in..

Cake cutting time. And see, Shern stole a piece of chocolate from the cake already!


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