Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Little Drama Prince

Overall Khye is a happy baby.
He smiles and laughs generously, showing us his toothy grins and wide smiles.

But recently, Khye has been showing us his pitiful scrunched up crying face whenever we say 'No' to him, or if I walk away from him! And it comes with big, fat, tear drops, like this:

21 July 2013

Yes, my baby is growing up and is now very clever to differentiate the tone of our voices. When we talk a little bit more stern, which usually comes with the word 'No', he would go all drama and show us his pitiful face with those fake crocodile tears.

21 July 2013

Or when it comes me walking away from him, he would go all teary-eyed, which totally melt my heart. My heart sometimes go all mushy when I know how much my baby wants me! But on the other hand, this means I have no freedom and I need to sneak off even to go for a toilet break! Haha.

Haha. It is really sometimes very funny seeing him like that. Because in the next 10 seconds or so, he would be all right again, and flashing us one of his big smiles...

27 July 2013

Like this big megawatt smile, showing us his 4 1/2 teeth!

3 August 2013

Oh, my little drama prince in the house!
How I love him!

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