Friday, August 9, 2013

Conversation with Shern @ 4 years 2 months

Shern talks a lot now, and the things he says is sometimes out of the world and is so cute. So I just want to jot it down and treasure them.


We were on our waydriving to Gurney Plaza just now and we were stuck in a slow-moving traffic jam.

Shern: Why the car moves so slow?
Me: Today is Hari Raya which is a Public Holiday, so now we are in a traffic jam as there are so many cars on the road.
Shern: Sigh, everybody wants to go Hari Raya, only us going to Gurney Plaza. So they make us jammed!


In the car on our way home...

Shern: Mummy, what does pregnant means?
Me: Oh, being pregnant means there is a baby inside me. Remember how Khye used to be inside mummy's tummy?
Shern: Yes.
(paused for awhile)

Shern: Can pregnant people eat?
Me: Of course. I could eat when I was pregnant with baby Khye (wondering why he asked such a question)
Shern: Then baby mah gets dirty inside your tummy when you eat!
Me: "_"

(My clean freaked boy was concern that the food I swallowed may dirty the baby inside me. Good one indeed!
I then proceeded to tell him how our tummy has different 'pockets'. Food goes into our 'stomach pocket', while baby stays in the 'uterus pocket')


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