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Yiu-Khye - 10 Months

Yes, you read it right. Updates on Khye is now no longer in weeks, but in months.
The last update I posted on was on breastfeeding when Khye was 5 mo and Khye's Photoshoot when he was 6 mo.

Bad mum I am, but I'm having too much on my plate at the moment. There are too many stuff I want to blog and time passes by too fast. And I've been doing Project Life too, so moments are being jotted down and remembered, and treasured. I'm trying my best here to do what I can.

OK, so here goes an update on my little cutie pie sunshine.

19 July @ 10 mths

Paediatrician Visit

Khye's Measurement @ 9 months old

Weight: 9.9kg
Length/Height: 70cm
Head Circumference: 45cm

The last time we brought him for a check-up was last month and Khye weighed a hefty 9.9kg although he is fully on breast milk. When I said fully, I mean it. Or at least 99% on breast milk 'coz my Khye isn't very keen on semi-solid yet.

I was quite worried because I was afraid that just thriving on breast milk may not be enough nutrients. But Dr. Dan said not to worry as long as he is growing fine and he still gains weight without solids. He assured me that 'he will eat gradually'.
I think he is right.


Khye is very vocal now at 10 months. When in the mood, he would babble or baby talk for quite a long time. He is no more the quiet baby. I can hear quite a few syllable now like 'A-ba', 'Ya-ya'.
It is fun hearing him babble to himself while he plays with his toys.

Physical Strength

He can now crawl easily, and can locate me and crawl all the way from the living hall to my room when he hears my voice. Crawling is his way of moving about now.

He can also hold on to something and pull himself to standing. He has been doing that for quite a month or more. He is getting more stable now, but there are still times when he forgets and lets go one hand and sometimes may still fall and hit himself.

While holding his hands, he can take a few steps forward, which is the early sign of learning how to walk. But he cannot walk by himself yet.

Taking Semi-Solids/Solids

Like I said, Khye is the first baby I know who hates food. (I thought all babies can't wait to start eating!) Actually I think he hates opening his mouth more. His first encountered with semi-solids at 6 months was a disaster. Although there is no more projectile vomit (or less), very often he would still keep his mouth shut, and would turn away his face, or even push my hands away when I try to feed him.

But at 8 months onwards, he showed some improvement. I will do a separate post on Khye's semi-solids progress later.
But just say that things are slowly beginning to be better, but he is still on 90% breast milk!

Mouthing Objects/Toys

Khye is a funny baby. He doesn't mouth his toys. He almost never put his toys into his mouth!
The only thing he puts into his mouth is his own fingers, and Sophie the Giraffe (sometimes!). There's good and there's bad. Good thing is that I have less worry on him choking on small stuff he picks up. But the bad thing is that may also lead to why he is not interested in food! Arghh..


Khye's been drooling a lot lately. I guess more teeth are erupting soon. So bibs will be shown in most of his photos from now on.


Khye usually wakes up about 8.30am. He has a quick nap in the morning about 11am for about 1/2 hour to 1 hour. And then he stays awake for a few hours. In the afternoon, he takes a more longer nap for about 2 hours or 2 1/2 hours. And that's it. He would stay awake until his bed time around 9pm.
And the bad thing is that Khye no more sleep through the night! Boo hoo!
He wake up at about 2am for a dream feed, and sometimes he would fuss again at about 4 or 5am. I would then give him my boobs which he would just suckle a while for comfort and then sleep again. Sigh.

Falling Sick

Khye falls sick way more often than when Shern was a baby. Doctors tell me usually baby#2 has it worse because his elder bro brings home all the germs in school and pass it to him. My poor baby.
He was hospitalized for flu when he was just a teeny 3+ month old baby.

And just a this week, he had fever up to 38.8 d Celcius (even after taking suppository paracetamol) which scared the hell out of me! Took him to see paed in the middle of the night and got charged triple for doctor's fee! But luckily he was not hospitalized as his fever came down to just 38 d C. And just 2 days later, he recovered just like that. Hmmm, should I thank my breast milk for this?

But during that 1 night when he was sick, he was such a fussy baby! He wanted to be carried and rocked to sleep, we couldn't put him down at all. He didn't even want my boobs, and that was so shocking! And feeding him medicine was difficult (he hates things in his mouth remember?), and he sometimes vomits everything out after a meds feed, so I was really glad he got well pretty fast.


Khye is still flashing his megawatt smile very generously. But now to some strangers or people he is not so familiar with, it might take him some time before he warms up to show you his 4 teeth!

Stroller / Baby Carrier

Khye has been going out very often. As a fully direct latch baby, he has the privilege to follow me wherever I go (almost!). And Khye does well in both stroller and baby carrier.

Usually when Khye is awake and active, I will put him in a stroller. He would sit up and is happy letting me stroll him. But if it is his nap time soon, then baby carrier is a better bet. I also usually baby carry him when I'm alone with him, so that I don't need to handle the stroller. Baby carrier is also much more convenient when the place is not stroller-friendly.

Ok, that should be all for now. 'Til the next update soon I hope. ;)

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