Monday, February 25, 2013

Breastfeeding with Khye - Part 3 (5 months)

So much changes since my last update 2 months ago.
From trying to increase back my supply, I am now trying to reduce my supply. What an irony.
Let me explain by saying why.

After getting the Medela Calma teat, Khye suckles better, but he still prefers my boobs than the bottle. This is how I know: When I'm not around, Khye drinks very little from the bottle. He actually just drinks just enough to survive, which is like 1-2oz for the whole afternoon. And the moment I stepped into the door and whipped out my boobs, he suckles like crazy. What about that?

I can laugh all I want, but it is actually not funny at all. This means that I am quite stressed when I am out, as I try not to go out too long, as I know my baby is hungry while waiting for me.Which means that I can't travel without my baby. Boo hoo.

I've tried all methods. I tried being the badass mummy, and didn't care and just shove the bottle into Khye's mouth when it is feeding time. But he wouldn't take it. At most an oz or so and then he would cry as if we were torturing him. He's a grumpy baby when it comes feeding time. He is really much happier without the bottle. He won't scream 'hungry murder'. He would just be his normal happy chappy baby after drinking that oz.

So therefore, I gave up. No, I did not give up breastfeeding him. I just gave up shoving the bottle into his mouth. It is alright that he just take an oz or two and stop. It is alright that he just drinks enough to survive until I'm home and then he suckles like sucker fish.

Khye is so chubby he can go on diet a little. Hehe. Oh ya, did I mention that he weighs 9.05kg @ 5 months. I was like 'oh golly' when I read the weighing scale at the paeds.

So for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been just direct latching him almost all of the time.
And if I do go out for a few hours, I'd just go, and I know he is alright because I'll just feed on demand. If he doesn't want it when I'm not home, and he is not crying, then is ok. And when I'm home, I'll just latch him on.

23 February 2013

Since it has been 5 mths and my milk supply should be rather established by now. So these days, I tried not to express too much. I want my supply to just be enough for Khye's demand. So I just express to relieve engorgement. I know direct latching him would be enough to meet his demand.

But by trying to reduce my supply in these 2 weeks, I experienced a blocked duct once last week. I felt a lump on my right breasts and it was painful around the area. I got a bit scared and quickly tried massaging it every time I latched on Khye, and I also tried to express it out. I didn't want it to get worse and having a mastitis, which sounds so scary to me.
I was lucky and it was gone in 1-2 days. Phew.

So since Khye drinks not much nowadays, all my frozen ebm has been donated out. I'd donated about 10 bottles (~50oz) to a stranger mum, and 60 bottles (~300 oz) to a mummy friend. I'll be continuing to donate that the mummy friend every time I have extras which Khye couldn't finish.
I feel good donated it out to a friend in need.

Ok, so let's look at Khye @ 5 months @ 9.05kg ;)
22 February 2013

I'm not worried that Khye is all roundy and chubby now as he is fully on breastmilk. Because I know that once he gets mobile, he would be all slim and thin then (just look at his bro!).
So now I'm just gonna devour and appreciate all the roundness of Khye!

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