Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Applying Malaysian Passport for Khye

We are planning a trip to Singapore next month, so we brought Khye to apply for his first Malaysian Passport last week.

Procedures has changed, and I'm glad to tell you that applying for a baby's Malaysian Passport is now easier and a much more pleasant experience compared to Shern's time.

We took him to have his passport photo taken a week before to speed up the application process. Went back to Pixi Studio, but found out that due to renovation, they have moved to a new location. Pixi Studio is now located near the Clock Tower roundabout.

The background of the photo is no more blue. Now the requirement is a white background.
Khye was being put on a black coat which was way too big for him. So I had to hold it down for him while I held on to Khye by his side. Khye looked a little bit shocked and was staring at the photographer's big black camera when it went 'snap'!

So to aid other parents out there, let me write down the documents needed for a child applying a Malaysian passport (Georgetown, Penang branch):

  • Original and 1 photocopy of the child's birth certificate.
  • Original and 1 photocopy of one parent's MyKad.
  • 2 copies of the child's recent passport photo. Click for photograph specifications

***You would only be given a number if you show that you have all the listed documents prepared.

There is NO form to be filled in. It makes sense, as everything that needed to be keyed in the computer system is already in the birth cert/myKad. Pretty awesome, huh?
So there are no more 'agents' sitting outside the immigration office charging elderly a fee for filling up forms. 

There is a Special Queue for the disabled/elderly/children below 2yo.
The immigration office opens at 7.30am, but I was told that usually there are people already queuing up at about 7.00am.
This would be too early for Khye, so we decided to leave house at 7.30am and reached there at 8.00am, as we would be in the Special Queue.
We reached there at 8.00am, and to my disappointment, we were given the normal queue (20 numbers in front of us), as the Special Queue only opens at 8.30am.
But the guy handling out numbers was really friendly. He told us to go back to him at 8.30am if our number was not yet being called.

But the queue moved quickly, but it was not quickly enough. So at 8.30am sharp, I went back to the guy and he gave us the Special Queue and ours was just the next number.
So barely 5 minutes later, Khye's number was called for Counter 6. We submitted our documents to her. Just like Shern's time, the lady behind the counter barely looked at Khye!
But she was efficient and polite. She asked for Khye's height, and also to confirm our address. And also if we would like to apply for 2 or 5 years. That was about all. It was all done in 5 minutes and we were told to go back to our seats. Counter 1 will be calling out my name (as I am the parent/guardian) for payment.

And in about 3 minutes, my name was called and I made the payment of RM150 for 5 years. It was only 9.00am by then. It was quick! Less than half an hour from the time our number was called! Impressive!
We were told to collect the passport at 11.45am on the same day. Khye do not need to attend during the collection because signature/thumb print is exempted for child below 2 years old.

So this is Khye's first Malaysian passport. With his shocked face. Haha.

Khye's First Malaysian Passport


NotaesKram said...

Thanks for the information. It's very helpful since I have to get my daughter's (3 months old) passport done in 2 days time.

tanshuyin said...

Hie NotaesKram,

Glad u benefit from this blog post. :)