Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shern & Khye with Grandparents

A rare photo indeed.
Ah-Kong & Ah-Ma are not the photo taking-type. Not that they don't like taking photos. Just that they are not so crazy like me who is always clicking away with my phone.

But about 2 weeks ago, I took this beautiful photo below. It is not a perfect photo. Lighting was a bit out because the room was a little dark and I just snapped it with my phone. Nobody dressed up for a shoot (Ah-Kong was not even wearing any top! haha) because it was a sudden decision to just snap a photo of them. But then the people inside are beautiful, and that's what makes a photo beautiful!

10 April 2013 @ Ah-Ma's House

This is another beautiful photo, taken earlier in February with Kong-kong & Pho-pho. House was messy and Khye was looking at Shern laughing over some matter. Even the photo was a bit blur due to the low lighting. But is is ok. It is the people inside the photo that matters.

14 February 2013 @ Pho-pho's House

I simply love taking photos of my kiddos with  their grandparents. :)

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