Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Muslin, Cloth & Disposable Diapers

I've been putting on hold the use of Cloth Diapers for Khye. This is because he poos a lot as a newborn. He poos like 5-10 times a day, and I don't have enough Cloth Diapers to go around. So I just use the traditional lampins (muslin cloths) when Khye is at home.

You can see these lampins on my portable trolley, on the second tray, all in whites, neatly folded and stacked up. These lampins are light and easy to dry, which makes it practical for newborns.

Only when Khye is bigger and poos less than I will start using the cutie colourful Cloth Diapers I love so much.

But no matter lampins or cloth diapers, I am not a full-time cloth diapering mum. I uses cloth at home, but when I'm out and about, I just couldn't be bothered by it.
Maybe because I am rather blessed that both my kids don't have overly sensitive skins, and thus using the right disposable diapers, they are ok with it.
So when we go out, I'll whip out a disposable diaper for him, and in my diaper bag, there will be extra disposables.
I am lazy to bring out the bulky cloth diapers and Khye poos all the time as a newborn, thus I need to bring as many as 4-5 diapers every time we go out for the just in case scenario. And i can't imagine lugging back 3 poo-stained cloth diapers back into my wetbag in my diaper bag every time Khye poos when we are out.
Preparing 2 kids when we go out is stressful enough so nope. Convenience is the key when we go out!

So I've tried a few different brands of disposable diapers out there. Some works for me, and some don't. Some can't hold much pee and leaks. Some feels plastick-y and not so breathable, some has really bad closure stickies, but a few are really good.
And the best thing about disposables is you just throw them away after your baby poos. No hassle. Really great when we are out and about.

So for me, I use a mixture. Muslins when the baby is really small and poos a lot. Cloth Diapers when they poo less and at home. And Disposables when out. This works for me.


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Beni said...

hey , I like your portable trolley .. from where can I get one? any references pleasE?

tanshuyin said...

Hie Beni,

I think you can get it at Tesco or any other hypermarkets. I've seen it in departmental stores too.