Monday, March 18, 2013

Khye's Tooth Chart

Khye had his first tooth almost as early as his big brother.
To be exact, his first tooth (lower left central incisor) erupted on 22 Feb 2013 when he was 5 months old.

22 Feb 2013 - This pic was taken showing Khye's FIRST baby tooth eruption. You could barely see it, but it is there!

And about a week later on 1 Mar 2013, his second tooth (lower right central incisor) erupted.
Khye was drooling like crazy then, and always putting his fingers into his mouth. There were times when I saw 8 fingers all in his mouth, except for his 2 thumbs. Haha.

I posted on Instagram that I wanted to show everyone Khye's 2 new bottom teeth, but he kept on smiling n his tongue kept blocking them! Haha. My little happy chappy!
4 Mar 2013

And at last I managed to capture both Khye's two bottom teeth, and you could see them so clearly now as he has had it for awhile now, almost 3 weeks. And I love his super big wide smile.
18 March 2013 - Khye's 2 bottom teeth showing so clearly

I kept a record of Shern's Tooth Chart, and now I will also do the same for Khye as well.



Upper Teeth
A Right - 10 months 
A Left - 10 months
B Right - 11 months
B Left - 11 months
C Right -
C Left -
D Right - 16 months
D Left -
E Right -
E Left -

Lower Teeth
A Right - 1 Mar 2013 @ 5 months
A Left - 22 Feb 2013 @ 5 months
B Right - 13 months
B Left - 12 months
C Right -
C Left -
D Right - 14 months
D Left -
E Right -
E Left -

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