Friday, March 29, 2013

A Month of Smiles

March is a month of smiles.
Below are the photos which I managed to capture the beautiful smiles of my two boys.

Firstly, the smiles of my big boy Shern @ 3 years 9 mths old.
It is difficult to capture his smiles because he is always too fast for my camera. So I'm pretty happy to capture these precious smiles of his.

Next, the smiles of my cutie pie Khye @ 6 months old.
Oh, I can't believe my baby is getting so big now. How time flies.
It is rather easy to capture his beautiful big smiles. Just make eye contact with him and smile and he will smile back at you. Easy huh?
This month, his smiles are with 2 bottom teeth. No more toothless gummy smiles. Hehe.

And lastly, a few photos of my two boys together. Love love love.

It's 1.10am now and I'm going to sleep soon. Gonna dream of big beautiful smiles. Sweet dreams to you all. :D

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