Thursday, March 7, 2013

Khye Laughing Out Loud In The Hospital @ 5 Months

I heard a few coughing sound from Khye and I got scared. Not wanting him to be hospitalized like the last time, I took him to see the doc immediately. After 5 times of nebulizer treatment and still not well, doc suggested either we admit him for 2 days or we go to and forth the hospital for nebs and chest physio.

It would be too difficult for us to go to and forth the hospital for so many times a day, and since it was a weekend, I decided to stay in the hospital with Khye.

His doctor told me Baby#2 always had it worse than the firstborn, because of all the germs his big bro brings back from school. Poor 'lil Khye. If I'm sick, usually I won't pass it to Khye, because Khye has my antibodies from my breastmilk. But if other's sick, it is easier for him to fall sick 'coz he's still young.

This is my baby tiger sleeping. ;)
1 March 2013

My little baby sleeping on the big sofa bed
 1 March 2013

 A photo of Khye with Daddy & Mummy
2 March 2013

We didn't want Shern to come visit because the whole Paeds is full of sick kids. The last thing I want is for both kids to fall sick, then the mummy is sure to go crazy.

Khye with Daddy when he comes to visit.

But Khye was not so unwell like the last time. He still could drink and sleep. Just a few sounds of chesty cough and a little wheezy. He was still a happy chappy.

Below is a video of Khye laughing out loud in the hospital room.
I said the word 'doink' and there Khye goes laughing.
Enjoy the short clip.

After 2 days, Khye was discharged.
My happy cutie pie is back home. :D

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