Friday, March 8, 2013

Conversation with Shern @ 3 years 9 months

I'm sometimes amazed by what Shern understands....and he is not even 4 yet.

Shern: Mummy want to pengsan already. (while showing the faint action as he promptly fell on the floor)
Me: Who taught you the word pengsan? Do you know what is pengsan?
Shern: Pengsan means mummy fall down and cannot get up already!


Shern: I want to eat a giant ice-cream
Pho-pho: Your giant ice-cream is so big and high up, how to lick or eat it?
(Shern thought for a moment and then said)
Shern: I can eat from the bottom then only eat up there. And I want a giant stick as well so that I can hold the ice-cream tightly!


(I scolded Shern for some naughty things he did and showed him my angry look)
Shern: Mummy, why you mad? (I didn't even know he knows the word 'mad')
Mummy: Because Shern was naughty just now.
Shern: Mummy, please dont be mad ok? We are family!


(After fetched him from his school, while sitting in the car)
Mummy: Shern, what did you do in school? Did you have fun? Did you sing and dance? Did you do drawing and writing?

Shern: Mummy, pls dont talk to me already. I want to sleep already!
(Lol. Coz usually he falls asleep in the car on the way home)


(Shern saw a jie-jie playing downstairs our apartment, and he approached her)
Shern: Jie-jie, what is your name? My name is Yiu-Shern.
Jie-jie: My name is Paula.
Shern: Why jie-jie's name is like the Polar Express train?


Jenny Chua said...

Shern is just so adorable la ...he is so innocent ....

Tan Shu-Yin said...

haha yeah...he makes me laugh often by the things he says