Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Khye's Fullmoon

Khye's Fullmoon - 14 October 2012

We celebrated Khye's fullmoon last Sunday 14 October 2012.

We had a very small celebration, all family, including both sides of grandparents.
I didn't plan to do much initially, maybe just order some food and take some photos. But then my buddy Josie said she would lend me a very nice banner and a pretty 3-tier cake stand for deco. So I thought ok, I would deco a desert table for photography purpose and ask Win Win to come snap a few photos.

So I then took out my nice white tableware and started arranging the night before.
I actually did everything the day before. ;)
The photo above is the very nice banner Josie did for me.

Ok, let's look at my 1-month-old baby boy.
He behaved superbly well that day, waking up during photo shoot session, and then slept throughout the eating session.

Ain't he my cute little baby?

He even smiled when A-Ma tickled his chin. But I know it was just a 'muscle-cramp smile' ;)

This was how the whole 'so-called desert table' deco looks like.
Impressive or not for a last-minute planning?
All the food were not cooked/baked by me ok? Even the table cloth is too small to fit my dining table. Up to the night before, I could not make up my mind which table to transform into the desert table. 
I was thinking 'hmmm...should I use the consol table or dining table?'

My 'so-called desert table' were not just sweet bites, but savoury bites as well.

These were the compulsory hard-boiled red eggs for fullmoon celebration. This tray of eggs was beautifully done by Josie. 

There were some traditional fullmoon food like these savoury ang ku kuih, and nasi kunyit with curry chicken. Bought from Eaton by mum at the last minute. ;)

I bought some macarons from Ritz, which ended up me eating 5 out of 6 of them. No others liked them. Guess they don't have such a sweet tooth like me.

I made the little banner as the cake topper, using the extra little stickers of the eggs. Made it the night before.

Another favourite savoury food were these golden egg rolls, a must-have in all my parties, as everyone in my family loves them. They looked very golden and pretty on Josie's cake stand. :)

These colourful fruit tarts were placed on my not-so-pretty cake stand. lol.
And the colourful M&Ms were Shern's favourite.

These cake toppers were made by me rather hurriedly the night before, together with the little cake banner just now. As I didn't have cupcakes/muffins, I just topped them on the fruit cake, and I think they looked lovely too, didn't they?
I love these very mini apples from South Africa. They are very sweet and always crunchy. I always buy them from the pasar malam. 10 for RM5. Cheap and healthy and delicious.  
And there were other main food as well such as fried maggi mee, curry chicken and pork knuckle vinegar in another table. No deco so no photos. Hehe.

The owls were Khye's Modern Fullmoon Gift Packs which I distributed to friends and relatives.

Next, family photo shoot with Khye.

The grandmas carrying Khye.
This is A-Ma with Khye.

And this is Pho-pho carrying Khye.

Khye with A-Ma and Ah-Kong.

And this is Khye with Pho-pho and Kong-kong.

Yiu-Shern joining in the photos with the grandparents.

Khye with Min-yee yee and Yee-pho

And this is Shern kissing his 'lil bro Khye.

Khye with Daddy & Mummy

I like these 2 family photos of the 4 of us!

Taking photo with the Lims.

And the Tans and Cheong

Khye with the erm... senior citizens. lol.
And lastly, a photo of all of us!


Photo credits: Chew Win Win


Sharon Cornelius-Xavier said...

He's adorable. Congrats for finishing full moon!! :)

tanshuyin said...


thnx so much :)

Serenely said...

This is absolutely beautiful and I just love love love the way the red eggs are presented.

Congrats on Khye's full moon!

Serenely said...

This is absolutely beautiful and I just love love love the way the red eggs are presented.

Congrats on Khye's full moon!

tanshuyin said...

Hie Serene,

Thanks for your lovely comments.
And yes, I super love the red eggs presentation too ;)