Friday, October 26, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 5

19 October 201

Pediatrician Visit

It was Khye's first visit out of the house after a month, and it was a visit to the peds the following day following his fullmoon.
Khye's Growth Measurement

Age - 1 month @ 15 October 2012
Weight - 4.50 kg
Length/Height - 55 cm
Head Circumference - 38cm

15 October 2012

Went to visit Dr. Dan on for his 1 month visit and Hepatitis B vaccination. Khye let out a loud cry for after the jab, but was alright after I carried him.

Told the doctor about his loose stool which I am concerned as it was much more watery and frequent than normal breastfeeding stools. And also his diaper rash gotten worse due to the frequent stools. Stools were a mixture of mustard yellow and green, which is still ok for breastfeeding standard. And I told the doctor I found some blood stain in his stools twice and showed him the photo of his stool which I snapped.

Dr. Dan said there must be an anal fissure due to the frequent stools, and thus led to the diaper rash. He asked what diaper cream I am using, so I told him the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and also Bepanthen Ointment. He said they may not be strong enough and asked me I wanted another cream. He recommended to prescribe him zinc oxide cream for preventing and treating the diaper rash, and also to treat the anal fissure. I told him OK, because all I wanted was to treat his anal fissure before it gets worse.

He did not prescribe any meds for the loose stools because he said they are not really diarrhoea. It may be the food I eat, and the baby is just adjusting his hormones to it. And of course I was asked to bring Khye back to see him if it didn't get any better.

17 October 2012

As Khye's waking hours are more nowadays, I took out the playmat and he enjoyed lying down there for awhile. He is now interested in things/toys when you waved it in front of him, but his attention span is not that long yet.

Visiting God Chor-chor

After his fullmoon, we brought Khye to visit his God Chor-chor, which is my dad's Godmum. Their age difference is like erm...80 years or so. ;)

 And Shern fell asleep on her very vibrant colour sofa chair, so very pretty.
13 October 2012

Going Out

I've brought Khye out for breakfast a few times, to places which are not congested, and clean. Usually, he is asleep in the stroller.
19 October 2012
19 October 2012


Besides sleeping on his secure sleeper, and in his baby cot during night time, he usually sleeps in the bouncer in the day time, which is airy and bouncy, which he likes.

14 & 19 October 2012

Khye looks so mini on the bouncer. :)
19 October 2012

His awake time is usually in the airy bouncer in Pho-pho's house. He likes to do this expression.
19 October 2012

And this is the expression he does when he is about to cry. Look at his pitiful face. Haha.

 19 October 2012


A photo of my 2 babies.
The big Shern, and little Khye. :D
19 October 2012

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