Monday, October 1, 2012

The Silent Super Hubby

15 September 2012

Usually, once we mummies have babies, the hubby is neglected.

Our laptop wallpaper, mobile phone screensaver, profile pictures instagram updates and such are all about our babies. Not to mention the frequent tweets and status updates.

However, the excitement of a new baby does not make me love my hubby less. It is just that I have another extra person to love. I always feel that love cannot be divided, only multiplied!

Hubby is the silent super daddy.
He now becomes the primary caretaker of Shern, now that Khye is here. This means that he puts Shern to sleep at night and prepares Shern for playschool every morning, etc.
He is now the primary driver in the house, driving me to the hospital and gov clinic, and fetches Shern to and fro from playschool.
He also helps around with the baby - fetching wipes, preparing bath water, and even changing dirty nappies.
And he does all this on top of the usual work he has to do, he after all is the breadwinner in our family.

And at night, he even has time for the wifey. After our kids are asleep, it is our 'dating' time. We either catches up on each others daily updates, or we watches tvb series together. This is our quality time together as hubby and wifey.

I thank my lucky stars every day for having such a nice and loving hubby. Thank you for being The Silent Super Hubby!

Like I said, 'Love cannot be divided, only multiplied'....I love you, hubby!


J said...

I likey this post of yours.. you are the luckiest girl among us

tanshuyin said...

i also feel that im lucky, but i dont think im the luckiest la.

every hsehold has their own problems too. but as long as u manage and give n take, it shd be ok :)

Apple Tan said...

you are so lucky. my husband feels neglected when I had my first baby. Being a first time mom was tough and I totally neglected his feelings etc. Now we try to patch up as much as we could.

tanshuyin said...

Hie Apple,

Is ok. Better late than never. As long as we now do our best to make time for some couple time once in a while. It makes a lot of difference! :)
Good luck.