Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 4

6 October 2012

Pee-s and Poo-s

He still pees as frequently. About 15-20 diapers a day. But in his wet lampin, there is less poo. Which means that he doesn't mix pees and poos together so much. So hopefully next week or so,

Lifting His Head

Khye has been trying to lift his head while he lies on his tummy. I can't believe a 3 weeks old baby has so much strength. Sometimes he could even lift up for quite a while. Amazing. I've forgotten how strong baby can be.

Gurgles and Coos

Khye sometimes gurgles and coos when we talk to him. He even makes sound when no one talks to him. It's nice to hear him makes some sound other than crying. Haha.

Musical Cot Mobile

Khye has the same musical cot mobile as Shern's. It's the free Anmum musical cot mobile by Dr. Eric 3 years ago. *grin*

For now, Khye is pretty oblivious to it. He couldn't really see it hanging just on top of him yet. Unless I pull it down a little and dangle it right in front of his eyes. I'm not sure if it's the colours of the star/moon that attracts his attention, or the rattle sound it makes when I shake them.

I manage to capture Khye having a little sweet smiley dream in pho-pho's house.

10 October 2012

I continued to bring him down for a little sunbathing every morning and evening as long as there is still sun, and is not raining. After several days, I noticed that the yellow-ness in his face has gradually come down. His eye whites are not so yellow. I'm of course not so sure of his bilirubin yellow, but I'm still glad that he doesn't look so yellow anymore.

We will be seeing his paed next Monday, so we will then see what his paed has to say.

Diaper Rash

He has developed diaper rash this week. His Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm works really good thus far. The rash goes away in awhile, but it comes back too after awhile. I wonder why.
I may go back to using Bepanthen and see if the rash goes away. 


Khye now has more waking hours comparing to his first few weeks. He is now more or less awake for about 2 hours throughout the day, just opening his eyes and gazing around.
He is quite contented just sleeping in his secure sleeper, even when awake.

Anyway, one thing though. Khye is such a big and long baby. He almost reaches the length of his secure sleeper. And he kicks ever so much. I remember Shern didn't actually reach the foot of the secure sleeper even when he reaches 1 month old, and Shern certainly didn't kick so much. But many times I saw Khye slipped down a 'lil and his feet were actually hanging out of it. Ooh la la.  

However, I always seem to capture his photos only when he is sleeping. Whenever I went to grab my camera, Khye would half close his eyes and by the time I focus the camera on him, his eyes are already close. Lol.

Anyway, so these are photos of my sleeping Baby Khye.

5 October 2012
8 October 2012
8 October 2012

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