Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shern's VROOM VROOM 1st B'day Cake

I wanted to bake a cake for Shern initially. Then I changed my mind when I think of the stress of 'what if my cake turned out inedible?'. Also, I do not own a big baking tray and of course my oven is not big enough.
But still, I wanted to do something special. I wanted a cake I can remember.

Then I recalled I saw on Leonny's blog how she bought a cake but decorated her 3yo son's b'day cake themselves. Yes...I decided I wanted to do this too.

So, I bought a 2kg lychee flan cake from Ritz and asked them to leave the top part of the cake plain (with just the swirls on it) and told them I will decorate it myself.

Also chose the car/truck theme because Shern loves cars. Erm...actually, he loves the wheels of the cars.

So, Min & I got to work.

Crushed oreos for the muddy road.
Peanuts M&Ms for the sides of the road.
Mini M&Ms to spell S H E R N.
Added in a Happy Birthday tag and a '1' candle.

And not to forget the Chuck & Friends fleet:
Rowdy the Garbage Truck.
Handy the Tow Truck.
Boomer the Fire Truck.




An awesome one-of-a-kind 1st Birthday Cake for Yiu-Shern!

p/s-will be updating Shern's B'day party soon!


chiaoju said...

it sure looked really pretty!! =)

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju...thanks a lot! i like it too!

Elly Leong said...

I guess this is the best birthday cake I ever seen done by a mummy...I'm so proud of are indeed a good mummy.

tanshuyin said...

elly....i love the cake too. and im sure u r a good mummy as well...coz jaden is like so kuai!!!

Julia said...

the cake is beautifuL! happy birthday to shern, now you're a big boy!

tanshuyin said...

sigh...shern still a small small boy la who still whines a lot! :P