Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Felt His Kicks and Punches

Today is another day of 'first' - I felt our little angel doing some kicks and punches inside my belly!

Actually, Dr. Eric did asked me whether I felt the baby move during my most recent gynae visit. I said 'No' as I felt nothing and even thought it is much too early to feel anything. I was like thinking that I may only feel it when I am 6-7 mths pregnant.

But then when I felt little angel doing somersaults in my belly, I felt so, so, so good. My sis, Shu-Min happened to be in our house and I let her feel it too. And of course little angel's daddy also felt him showing off his acrobatic skills.

It is such a contented feeling - such a miracle to feel our creation moving inside me. I think no one will ever know how I feel like.

Happy and amazed and contented.


Soo Huey said...

hmm... good, good. got potential. future i take him train martial arts! :P

fun also horr. have you bought speakers to put on your belly? can listen to wong fei hung music while he trains! hehe. or maybe CNY songs, he can do lion dance! :D

ei, i ask you la...... weird anot feeling something move inside of you? no wonder people say mum-child relationship so special. since feotus can feel n nurture inside. hmm..

Tan Shu-Yin said...

Shuey...u wanna take my kid for martial arts with u? my god..later he comes home all blue-black everywhere juz like u last time! ;P

erm...weird feeling also. but kinda nice. and it sure feels good. it's a feeling i can't really put in words. wanna try it soon? be a mum-to-be like me too! *wink

chiaoju said...

when i see u, can u let me touch ur tummy? :P hehehe

Tan Shu-Yin said...

chiaoju...haha..sure can. but not sure whether will he kick and punch in ur presence :D

Soo Huey said...

ask me to be mum??? pengsan! NOT NOW!

i follow your pregnancy can d...

last time if see anything cute, no one to buy for. now i can buy for your son, mah can d loh! summore i think little boy's clothes cuter than girl's clothes wan, so perfect! :P

but horr... don't ask me take care for you, not even for 1/2hr. really cannot, kepala pening. future you want me teach english/science can la. maths also can, but better you find meiying.

mei fang said...

er...i know how u feel like..hehe
i'm a mom 3 1/2 years d. :-P

Tan Shu-Yin said...

shuey...okla...u become my kid's tuition teacher. hehe.
can also become his toys/clothes provider. hehe.

mf...i can still shop wor for about 5 hrs or so. mebbe coz stomach not too big yet, still got energy.
wah..ur daughter 3 1/2 yrs old dee? so fast!

Elly said...

Oh shu...I definitely would understand how you feel...for me I could feel him swimming up and town my belly too and the fluttering movement.....whenever I sleep to my side, he sure will move and doing the somersault too. It's a miracle. A tiny Sperm could really make a baby dee...cheers to mother nature..

Tan Shu-Yin said...

elly...yes..u r right! it is a miracle!