Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bz Bz Bz

Soo Huey came back from Melbourne last Thursday. Bee Shin is coming back from Melbourne too next week. And I got to know the Hui Gnoh is already back from KL to Penang about a week ago.

Everybody seems to be back from everywhere for CNY 2009 end of the month. There is so many people I want to meet up with. And with CNY just around the corner, there are also many things to do. (springcleaning haven't really started yet for my own hse *grins)

The hustle bustle of these few weeks is so nice. I seem very pretty tied up with everything. Sometimes there is no time to breathe as I am so busy meeting up with friends, fetching my sis here and there, following Darlin' for appointments, going to office, accompanying mum, go back to mum-in-law's hse, etc etc etc. Everyday is so packed!

And with Bee Shin coming back next week, I think I will be more busy than ever. Because I know I am going to spend a lot of time with her! I can't wait to see her ;D


Anonymous said...

hmmm.. i just came back yesterday la shu-yin =) heheh not 1 week ago... anyway will meet up wif u real soon kay... take care for now =)

Soo Huey said...

wah...... can't wait for bshin to come back, summore will b spending lotsa time w her ah?! y feel like you earlier not that excited that i'll b back n not so eager to spend lotsa time w me wan??

nvm la, good also, me so much work to do! :P

tanshuyin said...

gnoh...ooops...soli. misunderstood. hehe

shuey...oohh..ada orang jealous! hehe. u gonna be in Penang for so long mah! Beeshin coming back for awhile nya! hehe. dont be jealous la. i already belanja-ed u sushi king dee! hehe

Anonymous said...

for your coming birthday i will get you a PDA.

tanshuyin said...

ndru..wah..real boh?

mELbiEpiE said...

HeeHeeHee I'm back~! I'm back~! =D

@_@ Happy Belated Birthday ShuShu, have you received any PDA for your birthday yet so far?? =D

tanshuyin said... where is my PDA?