Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maternity Clothes

I think I am in dire need of maternity clothes. Ok...not in dire needs...but in need definitely. I had been following some of the pregnancy blogs (of people I don't know) and some of their entries are really educational. I learn a lot from these blogs...and I am learning still.

Before now, I made up my mind to spend very little on maternity clothes. I mean, imagine spending a few hundred ringgit on each of the clothes which you can only wear for a few months. And then you start packing them away. What a waste of money, right?

So i set my mind to wear my usual clothes until they don't fit anymore. And then just buy some cheap baggy clothes that will do.

But after reading one of the blogger's post, now I have a totally different opinion when it comes to purchasing of maternity.

That blogger is now pregnant with her 3rd child. She was having the same thoughts as me during her 1st and 2nd pregnancy. She wore her usual clothes until they didn't fit. And you know what happened? She ruined all her usual clothes (because they stretched and went all loose in the tummy area) and all the cheap clothes also stretched and didn't last. All in all, she had a feel-bad pregnancy when it comes to fashion!

I think I learnt a lot from her. I am going to buy some basics and everyday staples...those in classic styles and basic colours. I want to feel-good during my pregnancy. Furthermore, I am going to have more than 1 kid, right? So I can still save them for my 2nd pregnancy! :D

I am going to ask for maternity clothes from darlin' as my birthday present! :)


Mindy said...

hahaha.. so fast thinking about your 2nd pregnancy. :P

Tan Shu-Yin said...

mindy...haha. not gonna have 2nd pregnancy so soon. just that i know i wont have only 1 kid if i can help it :)

shu-wen said...

Eh, Sungai Wang there got a lot of nice maternity clothes. A lot of choice! Maybe find a weekend find JenTze or wait for me to come back ! :))

Tan Shu-Yin said...

wen...har? wait for u to come back? my perut dunno how besar dee!