Monday, January 5, 2009

Belly getting bigger?

The hourly maid that came to my house fornightly exclaimed this afternoon that my belly is getting bigger. Is that so? I can't seem to realize that my belly is getting bigger. It still seems a 'lil too small for an 18 weeks pregnant lady. I guess by looking at myself everyday, the changes will not be obvious.

Darlin' Peter too could not really see any difference in my belly. He kept on joking that our little angel would rather 'stay' inside daddy's 'bungalow' than mummy's 'apartment'! Hehe


mimiteekay said...

how an u be 18 mths now? humans onli 9mths lo!!!! LOL
ur littleangel looks soooooooooo angelic!!!!!
come to think of it- if Peter's a bungalow..... wat abt uncle kiat?????? MANSION>>>>>>LOL

Huey said...

18 months??? 18 months???

Tan Shu-Yin said...

aiks aiks...soli soli. i juz changed it to 18 weeks (instead of months). hehe

uncle kiat's erm....SUPER mansion. haha!