Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Pokemons In Our House

Pokemon Mini Blocks - October 2016

I don't know if the Pokemon Go fever has died down or not, but the fever is still high in our house. 
Shern loves Pokemon (I think all kids his age do!)
He asks to play with the Pokemon Go game, asks to watch Pokemon cartoons and also watches Pokemon stuff on You Tube whenever he has a chance to.

But in our house, the Pokemon Go game is banned on weekdays and even on weekends, unless we go to somewhere safe and specifically to catch those monsters. I find it dangerous for kids their age to walk around the roads catching Pokemon. Their eyes would be on the phone and not on the road/vehicles/drains etc.
So I only allow them to play the game in places I deem safer, such as at Gurney Paragon the outdoor area, Karpal Singh Drive and a few other places.

Khye also get caught on to the fever and sometimes play the game with his bro. His brother would "catch" the pokemon and Khye would "spin" the Pokestops because I usually force them to share the phone if they want to play. Haha, I'm a Tiger Mum!

And of course they ask for Pokemon toys. I see lotsa toys selling at our local pasar malam and everywhere. I did not buy any soft toys Pikachu or others for them because I know the soft toys would be chucked aside after awhile because my boys don't fancy soft toys. 
I bought a few of the mini Pokemon toys for him to put inside his Pokeball, which he loves very much. 

But one toy I find quite nice and very worth it are the Pokemon Mini Blocks which are equivalent to the Nano Blocks sizes,

We got it from the Tanjung Bungah pasar malam. The blocks come in individual eggs. The uncle sells it for RM9 each with some discounts if you purchase more. They have 12 different Pokemon designs in total. 
They are not too expensive and I find it a more better buy as Shern got to build them, and he loves Lego. 

To warn you, the instructions come in only 1 piece of paper and it is very minuscule, and nowhere as good as the original Nano Blocks instructions. So please be prepared to strain your eyes to decipher some parts of the instructions. But they are not bad, and we manage to understand them after a few trials and error.
Tips: What I did was to take photos of each step in my handphone. From there, I get to "enlarge" the photos which makes it easier to see!

These are the blocks size and the instructions. See how small they are. ;P

We started off buying just one, the Pikachu, as both my boys love Pikachu.
We wanted to check if the blocks are of good qualities and fitting. (some other brands are totally useless, with blocks that don't fit each other etc!). To our delight, the qualities of these are not bad at all!

And so the following week, I went back to the pasar malam to see the uncle and bought a few more.
Shern then started to build them once he has the time. At times he got stuck and asked for help.

One of my friend, Manal helped Shern to build the wings for this Dragonite as he got stuck with it.
Thanks so much Manal!

Shern built this Snorlax and I fell in love with how cute it is. And so I also started to build some of the Pokemons.

It can get quite addictive. Both Shern and me finished building all these in a week or two. 
This is Gengga and Caterpie.
I love the Gengga,,,so cute!

This is Charmander.



Charizard. Shern loves this one. 





I bought two display boxes from Daiso to keep them so that they don't get crushed by my smaller boys and also to keep it out of dust.

We stacked them up and it takes up little space in our mantelpiece.
So it now stands proud and both my boys love staring at them every day. haha.
Evem Khye now know all the names of these Pokemons. ;)

My Pokemon-loving boy drew these 3 Pokemons without looking at the pics.

Told you he loves the Charizard. I think this one's the Mega Charizard or something like that. Well, I'm not so good in Pokemon as him.

Anyway, this post is about the Pokemon Mini Blocks for anyone who has kids who love Legos/Nano Blocks. At RM9 per egg/Pokemon, it is not too expensive to indulge this for your kids. ;)

Happy building your Pokemons!

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