Monday, December 8, 2014

A Personalized Art & Craft Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree 2014

We did not have a Christmas Tree since we moved into our new house earlier this year, so I thought it would be nice to go buy one as it would last for years. And I think having a Christmas tree in the house is much more nicer when there are children in the house. So I went to get one.

Managed to find a 6" feet tall tree at a reasonable price at SSF.

And since this is a new tree, we didn't have much ornaments on the tree as well. Besides the usual baubles and pine cones, my idea is to slowly collect special ornaments as the years go by.
So this year, I just bought enough to make the tree don't look so bare, thanks to the silver ribbons and also the flickering lights.

But then I remembered I got a box of art and craft that Shern did that I'd been keeping. So why not hang those art and craft to make to make our tree more personalized and yet makes the tree less bare?

And so I took out the art and craft and started hanging them on our tree.

Some of these crafts were made by Shern when he was not even 3 years old.
You can see a christmas tree with coloured tissue balls, a plastic spoon butterfly, another christmas tree with dots and colouring, an octopus, a Jesus - He lives colouring he made on Easter, Shern's foot print, a t-shirt Shern made on Father's Day, a star, and even a bracelet made of star-shaped pasta!

Spot them all below! :)


We got the kids involved and they helped hanged all the ornaments on the tree. And Shern put the star on top of the tree! 

And now our tree looks less bare and is our own personalized Christmas Tree. 

I think I'm going to keep this tradition in our home. The whole year's art and craft (those small ones) that Shern does at home or in school will be added to our Christmas tree end of the year. And when Khye gets older, his work will be added on the tree too!

And now presents has started to appear under the tree slowly, with names for the intended recipient. This is good as we teach our kids to be patient and to wait until Christmas Tree to open those presents with their names on it. 

Meanwhile, they have a nice time shaking the boxes trying to guess what is inside! Haha.

And Shern even wrote a letter to Santa already. 
I helped me spelled some words, but all was in his own words what he wanted to express to Santa. :)

So now counting down... 2 more weeks to Christmas!

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