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Review and Giveaway and Discount Code: Blue Oak Valley's Baby Kingdom Range (Baby Care)

I'd just reviewed Blue Oak Valley's Lilly Range and the giveaway just ended not so long ago. Now comes the review of another range from Blue Oak Valley - the Baby Kingdom baby care range.

Like what I'd mentioned, Blue Oak Valley is a Malaysian company that specialises in organic, cruelty-free and natural products. Entirely plant-based, it is eco-friendly and aims to reduce the use of packing material, source-sustainable ingredients and recycle waste.

You can read about BOV's commitment and philosophy again here and here.

Their slogan 'Organics For Life' says everything about them with their note to the customers "each time you use our products, you are helping to mantain a healthier and sustainable environment, home and lifestyle. One by one we can change the world and make it a better place." Some of the salient features of Baby Kingdom range:


No artificial colours or fragrances
No Petrochemicals
  Environmental friendly
No animal by-products
No Animal testing
SLS and SLES free

Alkaline free PH balanced

Only pure essential oils are used

100% biodegradable

I am very happy to be given the opportunity to review their Baby Kingdom range.
Like what the name says, they have very luxurious feel to it the moment I set my eyes on them.

The BOV Baby Kingdom range was delivered to my house in a kraft box. It was tied with a ribbon and a tag. The tag reads 'We use bio-degradable and non-toxic palm paper'. :)

When I opened the box , there were the 4 bottles of the Baby Kingdom Range (Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Diaper Ointment and Baby Lotion).

They came in sleek aluminium bottles.
Pink, red, green, and blue. Lovely label colours packaging. Labels were printed in soy ink.

1. Baby Bath
IngredientsAqua, wheat amino acids, coconut oil, soy lecithin, palm oil, aloe extract*, soap bark tree*, jojoba oil*, xanthan gum, grapefruit seed extract*, chamomile oil*, lavender oil*  (*Certified Organic)

This sleek Baby Kindom Organic Baby Bath is pink labelled  and is a medium-sized bottle that  comes with a dispenser pump. It is easy to dispense and I'm loving the smell. For Baby Kingdom range, the smell is more sweet and a 'lil minty, with the familiar herbal-infused smell. Er, I think 'refreshing' (instead of minty) should be the correct word used, as there is no mint in the ingredient list. :)
This Baby Kingdom Organic Baby Bath is a special formulation of pure herbal ingredients that is safe and gentle enough for everyday use.

I had been using this liquid baby bath on both Shern and Khye for almost 2 months, and it seems like it can never finish. It lathers up well and so I only use a little at a time. And because the bottle is aluminum and not see-through, I guess I still have about a quarter bottle left. And that is very cost-saving for both kids!
After use, my kids body is velvety soft (erm, which kid's body is not anyway!) and the nice mild smell lingers for awhile after shower.

However, the next batch of Baby bath comes in a plastic bottle with a lid, which I find is more baby-friendly. Khye likes to play with the bottles while I bathe him, and aluminum bottles make so much noise when they are knocked against the floor. And also it hurts more when knocked on Khye's head, accidentally by himself of course. So yay to new plastic bottle!

2. Baby Shampoo
Aqua, wheat amino acids, decyl & lauryl glucosides,  coconut oil, soy lecithin, glucose oxidase & lactoper oxidase, aloe extract*, jojoba oil*, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, soap bark tree*, grapefruit seed extract*, lemon oil*, chamomile oil*, essential oils*  (*Certified Organic)

This Baby Kingdom Organic Baby Shampoo has a more mild smell, which is also a herb-infused pleasant smile. 
It comes in a medium-sized aluminum bottle with a blue label, with a dispenser pump. But I think the next batch comes in a plastic bottle too just like the Baby Bath! Yay!

This Baby Shampoo is easy to wash off and is mild for baby and children, so both my kids are using it. This bottle is even more cost-saving, as I use just a teeny bit once a day. Yes, I wash my kiddos' hair every day because in our hot weather, they sweat a lot. And I mean a lot.
Maybe because both my kiddos have very little hair, but this bottle seems to last even longer than the Baby Bath! I think this is going to last me for quite a while to go.

But please bear in mind that this is NOT a no-tear formula, as no chemical stabilizer is included to create tear-free formula. However, if it gets into the eyes, it does not cause any unnecessary eye redness, but just as when water gets into the eye. It gets a little uncomfortable as both my kiddos hate to get water into their eyes. But it does not cause reddish eyes.

3. Diaper Ointment

IngredientsVitamin E*, jojoba oil*, lavender oil*, chamomile oil*, rosebuds*, zinc oxide*,  comfrey root*, glycerin*, rosemary extract*, wheat germ extract*, sweet almond oil*, retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A)     (*Certified Organic)

This Baby Kingdom Organic Diaper Ointment also comes in a small sleek aluminum bottle with a green label. The dispenser pump is much smaller and it comes in a small lid.
Upon pressing the pump, it dispenses a small thin streak of white ointment, which I find is good as it is not wasteful.
When Khye was small and had frequent poos, he had rash more often and thus I found it a little bit irritated when it dispenses so little, and I needed to press the pump so many times to cover Khye's big butt area! But now that he does not poo so often and his diaper rash is quite rare nowadays, it really does help that I won't be dispensing out too much diaper ointment!

But I do not like the packaging that comes with the small lid. Although I know that it covers the pump and is more hygienic, but it is frustrating for me to be rummaging through my things to locate the tiny lid after every diaper change. So I'm hoping for new packaging in the future. Anyway, this is just me.

But other than that, this Diaper Ointment works well for Khye. It has a pleasant smell and it soothes and helps heal and kill bacteria. Lavendar and rosemary are effective in protecting the skin and to fight against bacteria. So diaper rash is minimized, and even if there is any, it goes away after a day or so.
It also helps prevent chaffing and redness of the skin folds, as Khye is quite a Michelin baby.

So overall, love this product other than the small lid!

4.. Baby Lotion
IngredientsAqua, sunflower oil*, stearic acid (vegetable fat), tocopherol (Vit E), aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, xanthan gum (natural thickener), sucrose stearate (sugar emulsifier) glucose oxidase & lactoperoxidase (natural enzymes), grapefruit seed extract*.  (*CERTIFIED ORGANIC)

Baby Kingdom Organic Baby Lotion has the same packaging as the Diaper Ointment, just that this one has a red label. So this one also has the small lid that frustrates me. :)

Initially, I thought this is a normal baby lotion for the whole body. But after reading the instruction, this Organic Baby Lotion is concentrated on providing relief to baby's diapered area to protect the skin. However, it can also be applied as a moisturizer to baby's face, body, knees and elbows.

Is a special formula that soothes and helps heal, also to prevent chaffing, and redness, and also effective to kill bacteria. It has a refreshing smell that makes me feel that it provides Khye with soothing relief upon application all over his diapered area.

It comes in a small bottle and is so precious, so mainly I use it for his diapered area, and to moisturize his knees and elbows.

It absorbs quickly into the skin and has a very mild pleasant smell.

***Please take note that as these are natural products, it is typical that the smell may be different from batch to batch. However, the formulation is the same. The color of the oils and ingredients also changes from batch to batch.

This is Khye happily bathing using the Baby Kingdom Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath!


I am pleased to announce that Blue Oak Valley is sponsoring 1 set of Baby Kingdom Range to 1 winner.
This Baby Kingdom range set consists of:
- Baby Bath (300ml)
- Baby Shampoo (300ml)
- Diaper Ointment (100g)
- Baby Lotion (100g)

Yes, 1 winner will win this luxurious set of Baby Kindom range!
Win for your baby, or maybe for your friend's baby. :)

All you need to do is just Like Shu-Yin's Sactuary's Facebook Page, and also Like Blue Oak Valley's Facebook Page and leave a comment in this blog post. It is this easy.
Please leave an email address for me to contact you.

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!
Giveaway ends on 24th July 2013 11.59pm Malaysian time.

The winner will be chosen randomly on 25th July 2013 and will be posted in this post and will be contacted via email. If no reply from the winner within 48 hours, then I will announce for a new winner.


More good news! Thanks to Blue Oak Valley, you get:

- 25% off STOREWIDE
at Blue Oak Valley website for ~3 weeks special (until 31 July 2013) using discount code 'SHUYIN25',
- and after that will be 15% off  for 12 months (until 31 July 2014) using discount code 'SHUYIN2013'.
- Only applicable for online sales.


If you wish to see and hold (and smell!) the products before you make a purchase, BOV products are also available in stores.
And here is the link to the list of retailers.

And special mention to the retailer Fabulous Mom which has nationwide stores, and Twins Baby as there is a Twins Baby store in Penang located in Jln Masjid Negeri (somewhere opposite Convent Green Lane). So for you Penang readers, you can drop by there!

If you wish to know more on the addresses of these retailers, or if you have any other questions or enquiries, you can send an email to enquiry@blueoakvalley.com

For more info, you can also visit Blue Oak Valley website or their Facebook page.


Thank you to all who participated in this giveaway. The winner of the Blue Oak Valley's Baby Kingdom Range Set is Sharon Han!
Congratulations! You should have received an email from me on how to collect the prize(s).

This Baby Kingdom range set consists of:
- Baby Bath (300ml)
- Baby Shampoo (300ml)
- Diaper Ointment (100g)
- Baby Lotion (300g)

* Disclosure: I received the Baby Bath (300ml), Baby Shampoo (300ml), Diaper Ointment (100g), and Baby Lotion (100g) for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).


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