Friday, April 5, 2013

Traffic Road Signs by Mummy

Shern is very into traffic road signs these days. It started about a month ago. He would asked us 'What sign is this?' whenever we were on the road and we had to tell him that this is the "Danger sign", "No U-Turn sign", "No Entry sign", etc.

Went to Toys R Us and saw Melissa and Doug selling Traffic Road Signs for a freaking RM142.95.

Ok, I admit that it comes with little cars. And they are of better wood quality. But I don't really need those little cars. And some of the signs are not so relevant either.

So I decided to make him some traffic road signs myself. With some card stock and coloured markers, satay and popsicle sticks, I made these signs:

- Bump
- No U-Turn
- U-Turn
- Stop
- Danger
- No Entry
- Traffic Light (not in pic)
- Crossroad (not in pic)
- Railway Crossings

Then because our apartment is usually quite windy, so they topple over quite easily, that was why I needed a heavier base. Wanted to find those Rm0.10 rectangular erasers with Country Flags I used to see at my school bookshop but couldn't find those. So settled for these round based erasers for RM0.30 each. And I did the sides as double-sided as well, to lessen my work! Haha.

Shern loved playing with these road signs with his train tracks and trains.

28 March 2013

Shern is happy because he got his favourite traffic road signs, and mummy is happpy because she saved RM100+ bucks.

And now as Shern sees new traffic road signs on the road, he would say 'Mummy, pls make for me the "Pedestrian Crossing sign", "T-Junction sign", "Hospital sign" , "Beware of Falling Rocks sign" etc.
It seems like I have more work to do now. ;)


Angeline said...

Hannah is really into road signs too! She always wants to know what they mean whenever she sees them on the road..maybe it's something they're learning in school? ;)

tanshuyin said...

Angeline, yes i think maybe that's how they got interested! :)

Serenely said...

This is really a neat idea! And good call on using those rubber erasers as weights and anchors for the road signs. Must keep this one in mind!

tanshuyin said...


Thnx Serene for visiting my blog :)