Monday, January 28, 2013

Conversation with Shern @ 3 years 7 months

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Shern is exactly 3 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old today.
He is about 5 months short of 4 years old, and already he asks us a few hundred questions a day.
His favourite word these days is 'WHY, WHY & WHY'.

Almost every conversation with him ends with a few 'Why?' from him.

Mummy: Shern, you need to pull up your pants.
Shern: Why?

Mummy: Shern, pls sit properly.
Shern: Why?

And quite often Shern asks us to ask him questions, even when he is in the toilet, like this:

Shern: Mummy, pls ask me if you wanna go poo poo or not?
Mummy: Shern, do u wanna poo poo?

Shern: says Yes!

Another time while Shern was sitting on the toilet bowl doing his big business.
Shern: Popo, pls ask me if I finish poo-poo or not?'
Popo: Shern, have u finish poo-poo? (thinking that he shd finish coz asking us to ask him dee).
Shern: No...


And then last week Shern was sitting in his carseat and he wanted to get off his car seat. So I told him the policeman is going to catch anybody who did not fasten on the seat belts.
And since then Shern asks me like a hundred times,
'Mummy, what did the policeman say?'

We don't know whether to laugh or get annoyed every time he asks us the same questions, again and again. But I guess I must say I am thankful that Shern is so annoyingly asking us so many questions, as he is just being a growing boy with an inquisitive mind.

And he is still not four yet. :)

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scarediechickenme said...

if caleb, he will asked like this:
me:pls sit properly
caleb:what if i don't?
me:caleb oh caleb...
caleb:mami oh mami